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Any one advertising on Bing

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    Any one advertising on Bing

    I was wondering is it worth while to advertise on bing network.

    Like adwords is a bit costly .

    But still they have the best repute in PPC advertising.

    So what you say guys. Which network is the best.

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    some time ago we used to run ad campaigns with Bing Ads. But after analyzing our costs, we made a decision to swith them off and focus on Google ads. In fact, Bing, as a search engine mainly designed and used by US, has more higher cpc bids, so to say if in google you may have a bid at 0.01 $ and be competitive with your ad shown on the first page for some countries - in bing you won't reach such a result. You should irrevocably set a higher bid if you want your ad to be shown on the first page of bing search results.

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    It is worth it if you know your onions well! Keep in mind though that Google will pull in more traffic than the Bing network.
    However, I have had good results with Bing in recent times so from experience, I shall suggest that you commit to doing really good keyword research and see how much potential is in your niche via Bing. Otherwise, stick to Google (even if it's competitive on there).
    Bing ads works! You just have to be in the right position. Not some low searched topics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olaryeankarh View Post
    Bing ads works! You just have to be in the right position. Not some low searched topics.
    Right! It works and it works fine. Much easier to get your ads approved than with google and excellent customer support. The only downside: for some KW’s (niches) there is no traffic.
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