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Traffic from top 10 Bing and Yahoo search?

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    Traffic from top 10 Bing and Yahoo search?

    Our company website got around 6 keywords on top 8 Bing search and Yahoo search but they didn't bring more traffic to us as expected and they were not listed on Google search result as B and Yahoo search. I want to know rate of traffic come from bing and yahoo search, Doe any one know?
    and according to you, Should we focus on google search engines for these keywords?

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    Hi Elissa,

    The problem partly relates to broad match data vs. exact match data for keyword traffic... Get those mixed up and it could be a massive difference from a handful to a thousands... and also keep in mind your ranking position... Obviously first place gets the most and it diminishes as you go down and beyond page 1 its real small.... The percentage breakdown is niche dependent - but I would say first position should get around ~30-40%, 2nd ~20%, 3rd ~15% .... and as you can see below 3rd position it just gets smaller and smaller.... So ranking 6th may not bring in that much traffic when you consider "exact match" data...

    According to search engine stats and market share of G vs. Bing vs. Yahoo etc - its different with country to country... For most countries G is on top - easily with an 80% margin... China, Russia being notable exceptions.... For accurate stats - you can easily find them online...

    Regarding your focus - indeed G being the biggest search engine by far is where you need to keep your eye on... Also consider Youtube as that is the second largest search engine with getting into video marketing....

    Best of Luck,


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    Every time someone asks a question you'll hear people say "Google it", I've never heard anyone say Bing it haha... or Yahoo it.

    The other search engines do get traffic but it's not a lot of traffic so it's not worth your time and energy to optimize for those search engines. Optimize for Google and you'll definitely get traffic from other search engines as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elcidofaguy View Post
    According to search engine stats and market share of G vs. Bing vs. Yahoo etc - its different with country to country... For most countries G is on top - easily with an 80% margin... China, Russia being notable exceptions.... For accurate stats - you can easily find them online...
    Nice information!
    I'm wondering why it has the difference rate seach between countries and how we can get on top all countries?

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