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Feb 26, 2015
I have an SEO client requiring reputation management. He is a public figure so I have to
be discrete. He has some negative articles about him written by some papers and some sites.
He wants the top two pages of Google to contain only positive links.

I have used Google removals and only two links out of 11 were removed.

I have signed up to as many free sites as possible to create profiles.
Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Slideshare, Scribd etc etc

I have done this for 2 weeks. Uploaded articles he has written to sites. Uploaded pictures of his to sites. The negative links are not going down and nor are these free profiles rising.

Please give me some suggestions as to how to tackle this issue using only white hat techniques. I know one thing, these websites will never remove their content, so that is out of the question.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate any guidance at all!


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Jan 22, 2015
The profiles have to interlink with each other but most importantly, the profiles need to be active on a daily bases or else you'll be wasting your time. Social shares on the site you've created will also help and you must link to all the profiles using the main site.

But if you just create the profiles and leave them like that then they won't outrank the negative articles. What you can do is keep the site updated on a daily bases and share the content on the social accounts you've created and make sure those profiles get shares, retweets, likes etc or else your efforts won't be effective.

There's no other way I can think of except to use content marketing and social media together with those profile accounts. You can use video marketing as well, share your videos to as many video sharing as possible.

Hope that helps.


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Jan 13, 2015
Hiya Rbanks,

Reputation management really requires experienced SEO and funds in order to do it effectively... I don't believe you can do it effectively on a shoe string budget with just creating free social media content... You need lots of unique content so its either time, money or both spent on that.... I would make a list of around 50 to 100 articles for starters... and use that to develop a ton of stuff online...

First of all you need to identify all of the keywords wrt SERP - especially the negative ones... Start by identifying all of the bad content and examine the title, header tags and description.... As you will need to use these keywords to write your own version but with twisting the content to be positive... and you needs lots of them in order to lower the rankings of negative search queries and on different platforms...

In addition you need to create lots of general content with the person in question with putting a positive spin on their activities, interests etc....

Now you are probably realizing that new content on newly created web resources (as you mentioned: Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Slideshare, Scribd etc etc) is going to need a bit more authority/link juice to make it rank... I recommend the following:

1) Guest articles on high authority sites. You may need to offer to pay... Perhaps even approach news related sites... You could also link them back to some of your other resources....
2) Backlinks from high authority sites to your newly created resources... Its a grey area if you are looking for whitehat methods.. But keep in mind technically whitehat means you do nothing other than create web pages...
3) Press releases - only go for the reputable/known firms...
4) Video marketing - on as many platforms...
5) Forums... You could signup to lots of forums, support/discussion groups etc with the persons name and then contribute to them positively lol... Make sure it is related wrt business/interests which ties into the persons background as its about reputation i.e. dont sign up to ones which the real person would not do.... Those posts/pages can rank fast with author name....
6) In addition you could also buy old websites/domains which have good authority metrics, resurrect content as well as specific posts wrt dealing with the reputation management issue....
7) Create your own media buzz.. I dont know the person in question but he/she could do some stuff in the community, charity etc with the aim of free publicity e.g. hold a charity event, invite local press etc - well if you got the money you can indeed create your own buzz with the press if you know what I mean, but that's gonna cost $$$ ;-))

I while back I came up with a list of web resources/platforms which you can create content on from web 2.0s, PDF sites, powerpoint sites, audio, video etc.... So you could use that to proliferate your developed content... You can find it here... Instead of linking to a given money site - link it to other related content with regards to the person in question...

I hope that helps!



P.S. I would also try and contact the web admins of the sites and ask them to remove it as well as contacting Google to remove it wrt "right to be forgotten" as G has been hit hard with this recently... For that you could start here...
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