Why use Google Adwords for your online store?


Mar 7, 2015
Many companies started using Google Adwords as a tool to gain visibility on the Internet and get more sales. But do get good results? Do they appear above your competitors? Are they really able to convert your clicks into sales and get a ROI broad enough to be worth the work?

You taking a quick look at Google ads, you will notice that many times online stores do not meet the tips for monitoring a Google Adwords campaign . Hence, before risking your money, be advisable to delegate this work in a Google Adwords expert who can help you choose the right keywords, or learn everything we can to manage it ourselves.

In this thread I will show you the benefits of using Google Adwords for your online store.

There are many reasons why you should use Google Adwords. But what sense does it use an online store? Let's see:

1. Google Adwords will give visibility from day one. When you finish assembling your store, chances are you still have 4-5 visits per day as much and little or no sale. Adwords allows you to climb to the top of Google and get a viable start getting your first clients web traffic.

2. It helps you position yourself in difficult keywords. The SEO and SEM experts recommend doing a good combination of both strategies to get web traffic and customers. You can not depend solely on organic traffic because there will be key to position yourself to take long words. Nor everything must be paid traffic, because if you asientas the authority of your page will not pay that much for qualified traffic.

3. Because you can launch products and special services. Perhaps position yourself for a particular keyword will be difficult. Both SEM and SEO. But why not try to get sales positioning for less popular keywords? This can help you get sales, albeit less traffic. Better to be #1 in the SERPS for a keyword with few visits, but qualified, the 11th in a very sought after and generic keywords.

4. Your competitors do too. So while you do a good job of SEO, if it turns out your competitors are paying traffic on Google ads, will go ahead of you. You can not allow that. You have to beat the battle Google occupying positions that interest you, also with paid traffic.

5. Because it is easier to get conversions. Google Adwords gives you the opportunity to search for those keywords you are looking for a type of very next user to buy. For example, if you have an online computer store, you'll want your page comes in "buy online computers". The user seeking that is qualified, capable of becoming a sale traffic.

If you agree with me about these points above or not, show me reason why you like or not using google adwords for your website?


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Jan 13, 2015
I use Google Adwords at times and as such it is important that you take the time and effort to become familiar with the adword policies as well as understanding how the back-end system works, especially Adrank! There are times when Adwords is a good option as well as times when you should stay well away!! For example do not use Adwords to collect emails as you will violate the "info harvesting policy" and if you are an affiliate forget sending traffic to the vendor site as you will violate the "bridge policy"... etc.... There are indeed a lot of rules ;-)

With Adrank - you need to get a good/high score in order to reduce the cost per click.. There are two ways you can do that:

1) Make sure your keyword is on the ad.
2) Make sure your keyword is on you landing page.

Hence when using adwords - you'll be wanting to create a lot of campaigns with lots of ads which are based on multiple keywords. Also you may want to create multiple landing pages... Also I would limit it at around 10 keywords max per ad... That way you can filter out which ads are performing best etc...

Finally this is hugely important... YOU NEED TO TRACK YOUR ADS!!! In otherwords use URL tracking to figure out which ads are performing best with regards to sales... and get rid of the ones which are not converting....

That aside for the long haul I recommend that time and effort is put into organic traffic i.e. through content marketing, SEO, social media, video marketing etc...

Hope that helps!
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