Selecting Job or IM?


Sep 13, 2014
I am kind of new to this forum although I have been a lurker for some time and I am learning internet marketing here from some months ago but earned no more money as I'm doing with job.
In your point of view, what would you say which one I choose? job or internet marketing?

Please share your views

Marx Melencio

New member
Feb 7, 2015

;) That depends on a lot of factors, such as the following (not limited to just these things):

• How much do you love or hate your current regular job? :D
• How much do you want to do other more important things than your current regular job, like spending time with your kids (if any) or so? :)
• Without your regular job, how long can your current fiscal resources cover your day to day expenses? ;)
• When you quit your job, can your current fiscal and non-fiscal resources also allow you to start a business or an IM venture? :D
• And a lot of other things ... :)

:D Generally, many (not all) people start out with a day job and use their free time to work on their business or IM venture ...
Here are just some reasons why they do this:

• They get consistent income from their regular jobs that covers their consistent day to day expenses ... :D
• They have significant free time each day to work on other things that can potentially earn them more consistent income ... :)
• Their income from their regular day jobs is a significant source of fiscal capital for their businesses or Internet marketing ventures ... ;)
• Their regular jobs provide them access to things that they can use for their businesses and Internet marketing ventures, such as professional networks and so on ... :D
• Their regular jobs allow them to learn and practice new skill sets that can be useful for their businesses and Internet marketing ventures ... ;)
• And many other reasons ... :)

That's it for now. Cheers! :)
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