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[500+ Sold] AppyGen v5.0 Make $200.00/DAY WITH ANDROID APPS

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    [500+ Sold] AppyGen v5.0 Make $200.00/DAY WITH ANDROID APPS

    AppyGEN Static

    AppyGEN Dynamic

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    astral walker (04-29-2015),MatthewJ (04-29-2015),NadirAziz (04-28-2015)

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    Reserved for FAQ.

    F.A.Q :

    Will I Have to Pay Any Extra Fees ?

    No, Except for your Play Store Developper Account that costs $25.

    Do this method needs an investment?

    No Investment needed !

    is there an OTO?

    There is no OTO, This is a straight to the point course, no OTOs,No Fluff, No Hidden Fees.

    is this method going to saturate easily?


    Can I use my own ads instead of Admob?

    Yes you can.

    Will this work on all Windows ?


    Will this work on Mac ?

    Yes it will, but you will have to install a virtual windows machine and install our software on it. Simple Process.

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    No, Except for your Play Store Developer Account that costs $25.
    I didn't understand this, where to pay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by astral walker View Post
    I didn't understand this, where to pay?
    The 25$ Fee is to get a developer account at the play store so you can publish your Apps. ( http://play.google.com - Publish unlimited Apps for a 25$ Lifetime fee )
    In the AppyGEN Training we also show you other stores where you can publish your Apps for free in case you don't want to publish on the play store.

  6. The Following User Says Thank You to AppyGEN For This Useful Post:
    astral walker (04-29-2015)

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    Hey! I'm interested in making my own apps and monetizing them using Google Admob. The problem is, I don't have any background with regards to programming and coding. Yes, I know how to create a website, but that's using WordPress! This is an all new beast to conquer.

    A lot of people are now developing their own apps and uploading them to the PlayStore. Look at Flappy Bird. It was such a simple game but it got a ton of ad revenue!

    Does this product show me how to develop my own apps? If it does, is there a 100% guarantee that I can make my own app? Does your product also show the different ways on how to market an app in order to get lots of downloads?

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    It has been a tough time for me to look for a money generating machine and i hope that this could be it. But i was wondering if i could do this even though i don't have any background on computer programming to generate an app, but i kinda got a bit of idea because i use to do basic programming back in high school. I hope that you could provide a newbie guide cause i think before you can fully manage something like that is you need to have much knowledge. I don't want to jump into things but still i wanna learn.

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