Internet Marketing Basics

Alex Thompson

Jun 6, 2013
Internet marketing is paramount for a successful online business today, the rules for marketing have not changed just the methods. As with any prosperous business, you need to reach an interested audience and compel them to be active. There two main ways to get traffic to your website or offer, organic and paid. Organic traffic is obtaining natural placement in the search engines. This is achieved by proper SEO techniques. Your website should include relevant title, categories, keywords, descriptions and most importantly fresh, unique content.

Outside of you own website there are external networks to help build authority with the search engines to receive a higher ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP). Consider social media, link building, article submissions, blogging and participating on forums to promote your product or service.

Paid advertising is much quicker than organic but it does cost money. You can directly target your niche audience with PPC and CPM campaigns, post text and banners ads on various advertising networks or take advantage of social media advertising.

Ideally you should implement both methods of traffic generation and once you have generated leads yours goal is to capture their emails (if possible) and convert them to sales.
You can have an ad go directly to an affiliate sales page but in order to build your list and continue to market to an interested audience, you need to capture their emails. Email marketing is very effective and a sales funnel should be in place. When a potential customer visits your website the landing page should be enticing and full of relevant information. Provide something of value in exchange for email then over time continue to contact him or her with more relevant offers. This will lead to trust and conversions. Also, video marketing on YouTube is extremely effective strategy to introduce yourself, visually provide information and is favorable with Google (they own YouTube).

Do not forget to analyze your data. You must monitor your efforts to determine which methods are most profitable and adjust accordingly.
Marketing your business online takes hard work and persistent effort but done correctly, you will be rewarded with more money and a thriving business.
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