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Adam Yunker

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Nov 4, 2015
Hey guys!

So a bit of a different thread, but I didn't know which category to make it under so hopefully this one will suffice.

Today, I was wondering if any of you had any philosophies that you follow? Whether it be life or business, but the things that help clear your mind and are not necessarily "rules", but you follow them anyway.

I believe philosophy is important, but not every philosophical idea is going to settle in the same for everyone. Example, something that I may have heard may fall into place in my life and make a profound impact on my business, but that same philosophical idea may not sit as well with you as it did for me and vice versa.

With that being said.. Here are my philosophies that made an impact on me and I was wondering if you would be willing to share yours?

"Keep things simple" I believe this is important in both business and in life, but I believe in living a simple life where it's easy to understand causes less stress and is more fun. I believe in doing big things, but keeping it simple and easy to understand.

"Stay Humble." I believe it is important no matter what you are successful at is to stay humble. I never want to lose that connection with an average citizen no matter how successful I become. I also love the subtle beauty in staying humble. If you gloat and are loud and obnoxious about your success I do believe it makes you feel better for that moment, but when you are humble I believe there is a subtle beauty that last forever, but doesn't feel as good in the moment. In the long run other people will see the beauty in what you did and respect you for that. I think it's something cool and something I plan on doing for the rest of my life.

"Design is how things work. Not look." Owning an online business design is an important part of our image. I believe design is having it be so simple and fluid that when people get done going through my website they take a sigh of relief and are thrilled with how simple it was. If you wrap that with a beautiful look that is even better, but how it works always comes first.

"Understand when something is good, not great. Don't fool yourself." There's a big difference from good and great. Good is that feeling when you know this one thing is really good, but you know deep inside it is not perfect. Great is when something is so perfect it is breathtaking. It makes you smile from ear to ear because you know it's complete. There's not one thing you could even think about changing. Most people know something is good, but try to fool themselves into thinking it is great. So understand the difference and only accept greatness.

"There's always a way. If you know what you want to do you can find a way. If one way doesn't work, keep thinking and try again." This is something my dad taught me that really hit home when I was helping fix his roof from a previous tornado that hit a few months ago. He's a cheap man so he decided to take the money that the insurance company gave him and instead fix his house himself to save money. There's some things he just can't do alone so he calls me over and pays me, we are there from sunrise to sunset. I don't do it for the money, but I do it because I feel bad for him. When I was working and putting dry wall on his ceiling with just the 2 of us we made the measurements and cut the dry wall and I said I don't have a clue on how you think we are going to get it up there. He said, "Your working with me, I always find a way. There's always a way to do anything." And I realized I did the same with my eCommerce store that was originally going to be just 1 product, then a magazine company, then me licensing products which all those ways failed. I then finally found out about affiliate marketing which has been my business model ever since. So as long as you have an idea or a vision of something which you want to create that is the important part. Once you have that, you can then find a way.

These are my philosophies that made an impact on me and what I use to direct my life. What about you?

Share your thoughts below and I will talk to you soon.


Ron Killian

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Dec 3, 2015
Some great philosophies Adam.

I would add...

Know when to know when something will not work, or will not work for you. think we've all spend way to much time on something that just isn't going to work. Not saying to give up easy, but learn to know when enough is enough and when to move on. There are also some things that just stop working. And there are some things we just don't like to do, it's a chore or it's work, so why do what you don't want to?

Be Grateful - As funny and as silly as it sounds, every payment/order I get I say in my head and see myself thanking that person for that order. Can't really say it helps, but I think it does. Sends it out in to the universe? Being thankful and grateful for those who give you their hard earned money.

100% belief - I believe that to succeed you have to know and believe 100% that you CAN and WILL succeed. When I first started online, my wife was very iffy about it. I told her I was going to do it, it was going to work and that was that. No i did not sleep on the couch. But it did work for me because I believed and I was determined.

Takes money to make money - I use to be cheap and did not spend money on by business. But i've learned over the years that investing in your business can help it grow. Some times you need to spend money to save time or doing something better. Just get tired of seeing so many people who are too cheap to even pay for good hosting when it's the most important part of your business.

hhmm.. not sure if those are all philosophies? Hope i did not stray off too far :)


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Jan 22, 2015
Great philosophies you are sharing there man!

I agree with them and they definitely can make a huge impact and difference in your life and in your success!

I'm just going to share one simple philosophy that will change your entire life and will help you accomplish your goals in life.

Live Always and Only in the Moment - and Love yourself more, not less - No Matter What!

Now, let me elaborate a little on this here .....

Most people let their Past and Future, bother their mind too much. And it is because most people Lack the right knowledge - most people are not realizing the TRUTH. And this is why there are people like myself, who are here on a mission to Awaken People on this Planet.

You need to know that what we call "Time" is only an experience. That is it. This means that only the Present Exists!

You should not worry about your Past or Future, at all. Because they change as your present change.

Every moment of your life, you are changing your past and you are changing your future - according to WHO you are in the present.

You want to talk about changing the past? ..... you are always changing it! .. because the past and the future exist NOW.

Time is just a Third Dimensional and Fourth Dimensional Experience. And we came to this planet to experience it and learn from it.

And now, a lot of us are starting to wake up - and remember this.

We are here to learn from every experience.

All that matter is RIGHT NOW. Nothing else.

And also, LOVE. Loving yourself is the key to manifesting anything you want in your life.

Love is the only answer. It is the most powerful Force in this Universe.

This planet has been governed by Fear for thousands of years.

But now ....

The Force Awakens!

The Love Revolution has began.

You can feel it, you can see it, and you can expect it!

Quick hint; Hollywood movies are a messenger to the truth ;)

So, if you truly want to succeed in life - Get rid off the illusions, learn the right truth, live in the NOW with love, joy and happiness NO MATTER WHAT, and follow your Highest Energy (which are your Passions).

Everything is made out of Energy. And Love is the most powerful energy. And guess what, what you are very Passionate about radiates the most powerful energy, because passion comes from Love :)

If you just live in the Now, and only follow your Passions, and take massive consistent action with your passions, and love yourself more, never less - you will accomplish greatness!

Once you truly realize, that the past and the future are constantly changing according to your present - and that the past and future exist now (simultaneously) - you are never going to be "stressed" ever again!!!!!!

There is no point on worrying about something you think is in the future or even in the past. All there is, and all there ONLY is, is the NOW.

Each moment is a brand new moment. And each brand new moment has its own past and future. This explains why I said that you are always changing your past and future. Because each moment, is always a brand new moment.

Now, you do not need to know "exactly" how all of this works! lol

I know it can be a bit mind boggling for some. All you need to know, is that this is how this Human Experience, and Physical Life is operating right now.

We are in a Virtual Reality.

Everything is Energy.

I can go into Quantum Mechanics details about this lol .. but I will leave it here!

I guess, this was more than a "Philosophy" hahaha :D :D

But I share what my intuition tell me to share. What the Universe tells me to share. And that is because I am the universe, you are the universe, we are the universe. And we can manifest ANYTHING we want in life. We are just starting to Awaken and remember! :)

Love & Light
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Jan 17, 2016
My philosophy is this: Pick one system and Focus until you succeed.
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