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Are press releases worth a try?

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    Are press releases worth a try?

    Hey guys, I have read on some forums that people recommend to use press releases to drive traffic or getting more visitors to your new websites. I want to know does this method worth a try?
    Has anyone here tried it and wants to give use a share?

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    Oh, absolutely. Press releases can draw MASSIVE traffic to your
    site, however, as with EVERYTHING, it all depends on your target
    audience and what it is exactly that you are offering.

    I use local press releases for my local based web design firm and
    every time an offline press release is issued, I draw in thousands
    of visitors and they usually convert rather well at roughly a 55%
    to 75% conversion, depending on the time of year it is and what
    exactly is happening "around town" of course.

    Remember, though, those conversions are high because those who
    visit my site are people who are genuinely interested since they've
    taken the time to put their newspaper down and type in my URL.

    Even when I have released online press releases, those usually
    convert rather well as well, depending on the time of year, what
    I am offering and how well I put the PR together.

    The key to even getting your PR published is that you must be
    announcing something of value to the PR readers, otherwise, the
    PR firm has no need or desire to post your PR. So, it's important
    to come up with some sort of gimmick (and I mean that in no ill
    manner at all, just using the word) to make the PR firm WANT to
    accept your release and compelling enough to make the readers
    of the PRs to click on your link (or type in your web address) and
    visit your site.

    What exactly are you thinking of promoting with a PR, if you don't
    mind me asking?

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    I use a pr every time I release a new book. Hard to know how it converts as you usually throw everything out there at the same time for it.

    I did test the free press release sites for a project long ago, and they worked as backlinks mostly.

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    How to get people to read and get interested in your press release though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopani View Post
    Hey guys, I have read on some forums that people recommend to use press releases to drive traffic or getting more visitors to your new websites. I want to know does this method worth a try?
    Has anyone here tried it and wants to give use a share?

    In my experience, It's worth trying. I can make an additional from 40-50% traffic for my website.
    Paid service always better than free PR sites. It's not spam when you submit the same article to multi PR sites
    Press releases should not be your top priority but rather an addition to the rest of your holistic SEO strategy. If other areas of your SEO strategy are ironed out, press releases will help boost your authority.

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    As all know the purpose of a press release submission is to spread news in front of world. But the timing and the content quality is more important to get success. The more people, especially journalists, who are viewing your press release, the more likely you are to have it picked up by other publications. So if your goal is to get a lot of views and reposts of your press release, it may be something valuable to include in your strategy.

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    Press releases are good for seo.

    You can buy some fiverr gigs that will submit a press release that you or they write to the top press release sites.

    Just pay attention to the reviews and go for a very highly rated fiverr seller.

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    Press release yes its a good method to drive some traffic to your website, and you have the option to publish your site news before the targeted audience, plus you get some good backlinks for some extra traffic boost to your website.

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