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PPC vs Email Marketing: Which should you invest in first?

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    PPC vs Email Marketing: Which should you invest in first?

    Has anyone tried both methods to increase traffic for your site, please share your thoughts about PPC and email marketing.
    Which should you invest in first? and why?

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    As Ron said - both... Buy PPC and build a mailing list you have to take advantage of all possibilities.

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    Well, kind of two different channels in my opinion. PPC is traffic and traffic is needed to build a email list. Of course when you have a list you "should" have traffic, but email marketing is not really a way to generate traffic from scratch.

    That said, PPC can be very risk, easy to lose alot of money if you don't what your doing, or if you don't have a converting sales funnel in place.

    Whether time or money, I would invest in building a list for email marketing. Then you have an asset you can build upon. PPC traffic is only flowing while your paying.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffhowell View Post
    As Ron said - both... Buy PPC and build a mailing list you have to take advantage of all possibilities.
    Appreciate the mentioned, but I was NOT recommending PPC

    As I said, it can be VERY risky. You need to absolutely test and track, have money to burn, taking a loss in the short term at the least. Takes some skills to get that type of traffic to pay off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brettek View Post
    Has anyone tried both methods to increase traffic for your site, please share your thoughts about PPC and email marketing.
    Which should you invest in first? and why?
    I use PPC (My Traffic Source) to have those interested in my niche to go to my opt-in page. When they opt-in they become about of my email marketing list. Once I have their attention I email them regularly and sometimes I market products and services that may send them to my site.

    Paid traffic is risky as mentioned before but it can get a lot of people to your page in a short period time and you can build your email list quickly.

    You can send traffic to you site other ways such as using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, or Instagram. I have not used these other methods but my understanding you can get some really targeted traffic using Facebook if you are diligent.

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    I don't know much about email marketing but as per ppc is concerned it can yield a huge amount of traffic along with sales. Can anyone help me out in relation to email marketing tips?

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    PPC is great. The most famous PPC advertising network is AdWords that can help you a lot. Start putting your relevant Ads on High search value keywords to get better results. You might need a budget of $100-$500 to reach success with AdWords.

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    PPC is my first choice. You will pay for each clicks and each clicks generate sure leads. I am using google ad word services for my each clients. We are the certified partner of google ppc services and manage everything like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads and much more at affordable rates.
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    We have used ppc while we were still doing full fledged SEO to our website:

    PPC surely generate traffic and potential leads click in: we created email list and promoted our services: many of them became our clients: I think its in the way how we turn potential leads to the clients

    Also we have set our budget for month on ppc, and if we spent 100 $ on ppc, we made sure that we reaped at least 150 $ from the same: cos we paid , we wanted to have profit (or at least break even): you work really hard the way initially

    once you are ready with few clients and the SEO ready, you can get more showing your current clientele and progressive works....

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    PPC is the best and easy method to get targeted traffic and this targeted traffic generates sales and leads. But before investing PPC a proper strategy should be built. If you have not a proper strategy for PPC marketing campaign then you will get nothing and only loose your money.
    As regarding to the email marketing, it should be done after PPC marketing.

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