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Which is a better host for personal work, Vultr or DigitalOcean?

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    Which is a better host for personal work, Vultr or DigitalOcean?

    What are the differences between Vultr and DigitalOcean? I am moderately skilled in Linux but I am trying to move my work environment to the cloud. I tried VPS from DigitalOcean but not for the cloud and as I know then Digital Ocean seems less expensive. I want to run some small business websites and basically would like to learn everything about configuring servers online. Which one is better for a newbie on a small budget motivated to learn? Thanks in advance.

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    Neither are cloud providers - they're both just VPS with hourly billing.
    My personal recommendation is Digital Ocean - as Vultr does not have RAID on any of its servers. I also find Digital Ocean has a better platform.

    The thing is - are you capable of managing the VPS yourself? Do you truly need a VPS? These sorts of things come with requirements such as regularly updating the VPS - hardening it - keeping up with security flaws.
    All these kinds of things are not needed on a reputable shared host (as the hoster usually does these things). If you're not comfortable doing it - you're better off going with shared. From what you described - shared hosting is what you need. VPS hosting is only necessary when you need root access, and when the websites have outgrown shared web hosting.

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    If we have to compare Digital Ocean and Vultr then they are equal performance wise. But Digital Ocean has a better user-base, help tutorials and guidance. For your satisfaction you can test both the platforms on the best managed cloud platform named Cloudways. You can use their birthday promo code: HBD2CW and get 1 month free hosting.

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