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Does press release marketing still work?

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    Does press release marketing still work?

    I was wondering if anyone still uses Press Releases as a marketing tool. If so? what have been your results? Is it worth it? please share your thoughts!

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    Doing press releases still works pretty well if done right. You can't go out and pay $5 for a press release and think you're going to become a millionaire I just paid $450 for a very good press release and I was showing up on legitimate news websites and getting a few posts going semi-viral.

    I made an additional 300 sales and had over 1,000 sign ups Even though 70% of the sign ups didn't purchase anything, I still got their emails, names, and what region they're from lol. So it's a win even if they didn't buy

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    It depends what you mean by "work". Do they work to get the news out there about your new business/website? Yes. Do they work to bring in sales and traffic? They can do yes. Do they work to increase rank to your site? Well they can do yes as they are usually high authority sites although many will no-follow your link.

    But you can't just write one press release and submit it yourself or even pay someone to do it for you and pay a press release / writing / submission service to do it for you and then expect that to be the do all, end all to it. You might get a bit of a boost by way of traffic, and some big names in the industry might come to learn and know about your site. But eventually, your press releases will get buried under new ones and soon be forgotten about. Although your press release itself should remain. What works better is if you do it regularly like once a month or something but only if you have something press release worthy to write about. However, you can take any event small and large and make a press release about it.

    Just hired a new team member? Press release it!
    Just expanded your work space with a new office? Press release it!
    Just started selling a new product or brand line? Press release it!
    Just signed up to the better business bureau? Press release it!

    You get the idea!

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    It all depends on what is your purpose and what is your business category...if you chooses right Press Release For Your Business website than Definitely it will works for You.
    I am SEO Expert and I always use Press Release to Promote my client's website and they are Getting Excellent Results.

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    I believe they are still work
    I just think that the way we release them has evolved. The digital world has changed the game as many journalists and bloggers are now only one click away. Nowaday, Press becomes more reliable, and everyone believes that information in press is valuable
    The content and purpose of the press release itself remain the same: communicate facts and inform a large audience of news that is relevant to them.
    You can make an additional from 40-50% traffic

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