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May 18, 2020
I have left my profile details empty and am not naming the business as I am not posting here to promote.

I´m an American who has lived in Austria for many years. The past few years I tried my best to start a charity here for terminally ill children because I wanted to pay back to Austria for treating me well and accepting me, I felt like I owed the country something, but due to the ridiculously silly requirements in Austria for collecting donations, it became impossible to start. In short they required you raise 25k without accepting donations just to apply for permission to accept donations. You can imagine the discussions I had with authorities over this. It is kind of like the discussions I´ve had with the embassy asking them to explain why is my visa permanent if it states if I leave Austria for more than 18 months my permanent visa becomes invalid. To me the definition of permanent is obviously not the same as the embassy´s.

Anyhow, I finally decided to move on from my original idea, and for the past 8 months I have been preparing for the launch of a social organization. I just began stage 1 on May 1st this month.

The goal is we help people in need (the homeless, for example) and also show our appreciation to others who deserve it (police, military, for example).

For the first 6 months I am only growing our social media pages with free post and paid advertisements to build up a following. After 6 months we will begin making videos of our projects for youtube.

So below are the current and future plans, and below that is what I am looking for.


- From May 1st - November 30th I am paying for facebook ads to build a following, also manually building followers on twitter and instagram (no costs).

- I have already found a Czech Republic guy to edit videos for the future.

- Hoping to have up to 5k followers by November 30th, videos will begin in December 2020.

- Hopeful to have small sponsorships for the videos($5-$25 helps in the beginning) until we get accepted into the youtube partner program.

- Recruiting 2 US women to carry out and video the projects in the USA to use on our youtube channel.

What I am looking for - Requirements

- You must obviously be living in the USA

- You must be willing to invest even 15 minutes a day for the next 6 months into this. There is not much for us to do for the first 4-6 months except social media advertising.

- You must have skype or whatsapp or telegram as we will be brainstorming as time goes on.

- I am using a very small budget and am taking my time growing our social media presence, and I would expect my partner to also spend the same amount (between $100-$150 per month) for 6 months of facebook ads.

- Once the projects/videos start, our spending budget will not increase but will remain the same.

- You must understand this is not a normal business that you are hoping to make money from early on. My expectations are it will be 2 years before we see a penny of profit. Understand this because I don´t want my partner ditching me out of frustration after 9 months.

- This is not something that will get you rich.

- If you feel it is immoral to make money by helping others, this is not for you. I understand your feelings that it may be taking advantage of the needy etc, but when this becomes full-time work for us, we need to pay rent/bills just like everyone else. I´d rather make a living helping people rather than make a living serving people. Respect my feelings as I respect yours.

- Currently we do not take donations. Any donations we may take in the future will only go towards projects, 100%. We will not make money off of donations.

- Part of video sponsorships, video ad revenue, will go towards your future earnings.

- There will be a cap that you and I agree on in terms of what % of video sponsorships and ad revenue we use as salaries ie max amount of profit per month for each member of the team. The rest goes into the projects and investments for the organization.

- I honestly would prefer to do this alone, but I understand that A) 2 heads are better than 1 and B) We can grow the social media followers twice as fast with two people. My goal was having 5k social followers before the videos start, and my budget is not big enough to do that alone.

- Knowledge in social media would be great, but not required. What I do not want is someone who thinks faster is better ie paying for fake likes or followers or subscribers which will only harm the organization.

If anyone is interested, send me a pm or leave me a message here. I will try to reply within 12 hours as i will check the forum 2x daily. I plan on talking to several people from tomorrow until May 30th before selecting someone who I feel will have their heart and desire into this as much as I do.

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