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How to get approved in MaxBounty?

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    How to get approved in MaxBounty?

    Hi guys, do you have experience with MaxBounty? I would like to know how can you get approved in MaxBounty? I have written an application to them but I am pretty much scared first time as they reject loads of users. Please help me in this case.

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    just signup and write how you will promote just write you will promote through paid marketing if you have experience in affiliates then show them screenshots of earning & they will call you in registered number if they are satisfied they will approve otherwise reject.


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    The best way to get approved by Maxbounty is to submit your application and called your affiliate manager and elaborate the things like how you want to promote their products, Why they choose you as their affiliate. The most important part is to elaborate your marketing strategies. Doing this you get your account approved very quickly. Also make sure that you have entered the valid details, because when you submit your application they will call you and verify the details. Hope it will help you. Good luck!
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    I got approved for Maxbounty quite some years ago so I vaguely remember the process. What I do remember though is that I spoke to an affiliate manager (on Skype I think), explained to him some experience that I had, what type of products I wanted to market and that I would be using Pay Per Click.

    He was very friendly, helpful and approved my application right away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiah Davis View Post
    I got approved for Maxbounty quite some years ago so I vaguely remember the process. What I do remember though is that I spoke to an affiliate manager (on Skype I think), explained to him some experience that I had, what type of products I wanted to market and that I would be using Pay Per Click.
    I read about this experience on several forums about this process but for me, it is not a professional way to verify an account through chatting with sales or affiliate managers.
    I don't know why it was difficult to get approved at Maxbounty like that or they didn't have a support team to handle new registrations?

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    Wait, you said you've already submitted the application, how can we really help then? You can't just undo it

    Anyway, I think that your best bet is just being clever with words and careful how you describe your past experience, what your marketing strategy and point of view is, what you expect, how you plan on promoting their offers, ...

    Also, I've read that it's good to either already have a website set up or mention them that you are planning on setting one up!

    If you do end up getting rejected and you followed all of the suggestions then you can just call them and see what went wrong for next time. I hope that this helps good luck getting approved!

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    The way I did it was I sent in my application, and I made sure what I wrote was very focused on 1 or 2 methods, and not all over the place. For example, I know of some people that have gotten rejected because they say they're going to promote maxbounty products via way too many methods. I guess they think it makes you sound not serious? Not sure.

    I said I was going to promote via paid search engine ads and email. Then after about 2-3 days of not hearing anything, I just called up my AM and spoke with her directly. After making that simple phone connection with her, she approved me on the spot. Hope this helps!

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    Well its nothing to be scared ,thei people need people that they have some experience in promoting cpa offers not total newbies .Do a research on how affiliate offers are promoted and do also some post psihology .For example i see at some guys they write only : i get traffic from bla bla bla and this its not good .Just think as this as you would do with a curiculum vitae .Present yourself ,speak a little about your history in Internet marketing and be sure to research good how offers are promoted

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    Max Bounty know they will be approached by new affiliates. They generally refuse people who do not seem to have a plan. Be honest about your experience and have some ideas about how you will promote products. As others have said, contact an affiliate manager first as that shows you have initiative. Do not take the first refusal as a final refusal. Correct what they say is ring with your application and ask again.
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