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Is it possible to earn $20 a day?

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    It is possible to earn $20 or more per day if you're an expert in your field of expertise. So, figure out what your passion is and just go for that. You don't need to try everything, just focus on one thing that you're extremely good at. So you've picked your niche, now is the time to prove yourself! If the marketplace for your desired niche is competitive, then you will need to work really hard to gain experience. And after you've done that, expect to earn a lot! So when you're starting out, instead of focusing on the money, focus on working hard and making a name for yourself. Best of luck!

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    Yes it is possible, there is a lot of opportunities online, you just have to be patient and focus on what you really like. You can earn even more than $20 per day. But be careful also to scammers online that will promise that you can earn easily ad fast. Be sure to do your own due diligence and be responsible to your decisions.

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    All is possible but i think the only secret is to stay motivated.
    Sometime you will win sometime you will loose. but my advise is to ask people that they have experience and consult many site and forum that indicate what is scam or not.
    Good luck and may the force be with you "

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    Quote Originally Posted by yunarel View Post
    Hello, I'm currently without a job and I want to start making money online! my skills are graphic design, social network marketing, SEO and web design. I have tried a lot of ways but I keep failing! I know that there is a lot of people here making a good amount of money online but to be honesty they didn't reveal all secrets. I wish if someone could help me or show me a way to make money at least 20 dollars a day!
    Start a blog from scratch and write about everything you know, write tutorials, guides, advices, cons, pros and so on about your skills. Make one post per day with at least 500 words, I recommend posts with 1000+ words and I guarantee you can make 20+$ per day easy with google ads after 2-3 months without building any backlinks, just content BUT you have to be good, if people like your content you will get backlinks in a natural way which is what people dont understand these days. So... focus on content more and less for backlinks.

    A lot of people online think if they start a blog and posted something they can get higher positions in google or they still believe using automated tools can fool a multi billionaire company like google with crawlers designed by maybe the most genius minds on this planet... no man you have to work, write good content spend 2-3 h per day writting a 1k+ words article and after 1 month you will see.
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    Most people will tell you the usual ways, build a list find a niche. however, that fastrack way takes some money for investment. I want to emphasize commitment, if im broke now, i want to find a way to still market and sell my products, id bootstrap. got no cash, then we need to double the time we spend advertising, find avenues to advertise that is the only way. Build your presence. You wanna get upfornt ROI in this case since you dont have enough time to wait until it works, if i dont have a job, then im risking my time into this, so i wann get immediate ROI.

    The plan that worked for me:

    build a list, at the same time get paid by PPL offers upfront so i can recover my marketing expenses, this is a low budget campaign back then $2-$5 got me a slow way but i got leads here and there.
    it worked, i just need to be consistent. then get those leads into funnel for long term business, thats the list we are talking of. hope this helps, i wanna give so much of my experience her, but i have a dayjob unfortuantely. , anywayill be here everyday from time to time. I might be able to share some other times. hope this forum helps you a lot, this is an awesome community.

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    Some internet marketers earn hundreds to thousands of dollars on a regular daily basis. $20 per day will be quite easy if you follow a laid out plan and work towards it. Nobody told me this; I learned it the hard way - stick with one thing. Stop jumping around.

    Furthermore, you can easily make $20 on a regular daily basis on Fiverr if you have some skills. You can even make more by becoming a Clickbank affiliate marketer or promoting OGADs with social media platforms like Instagram. In fact, there are more than 1 million ways to make $20 daily. However, most of them might require a little start-up investment.
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