How to Create a Successful Forum - Part 3


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Jun 6, 2012
Until now we have seen how to create our own forum from scratch and begin to propose to the world ... in the pages that follow, however, we will see how to bring traffic on the forum, how to increase the number of users of the forum (and, therefore, content) and how to keep it orderly and efficient.
Potrare traffic on the forum

A forum is nothing more than a special type of website and, like all sites need traffic in order to work properly. Techniques to drive traffic to a forum, in reality, are not very different from those normally used for other websites. Let's look in detail:

Create content
"Content is King", the content is the king of the Internet. As already mentioned, the best way to grow a forum (as well as any other website) is working on the content. These must be useful, orignali, well-written and optimized (basic use of the right keywords in the text and in the title of each new topic). Vice versa are not recommended, in my opinion, the automatic techniques of content production (through, for example, the import of external RSS) because the risk of devaluing the forum that could be seen as a mere jumble of content copied.

SEO Techniques
One of the first things to do is to optimize the content in order to get the most traffic possible search. It 'should be clarified that the board currently in circulation are born "already optimized" for the search engines then, usually, you do not need to do special things.
In order to further improve the attitude of SEO these scripts, however, are usually available of external plug-ins that are proposed in order to further increase the optimization of the board by integrating, for example, the 'url rewriting or adding instruments as the addition of nofollow to external links (for an example of this type of plug-ins we mark vBSEO for VBulletin).

Generate inbound links
For position on search engines, as we know, you must have a good number of incoming links (ie other sites that link). Techniques for obtaining inbound links are different, the most common involve the reporting of forum directories and implementing campaigns article marketing blog in the sector.

Integrating RSS and Newsletter
A good way to keep the attention of users is to integrate forum systems "contact" such as, for example, the ability to read new content via RSS or even implementing a newsletter which keep them informed about the news of the community.

Leveraging social networks
If you have a profile on Facebook and Twitter could be interesting to try to use these channels to get your forum to your friends. Even more interesting, also, the possibility of integrating the various social plugins that allow the sharing of content (such as, for example, the classical buttons I like and Tweet). Equally interesting, again, could be the creation of an official page on facebook where invite users to join to keep abreast of the news of the community (eg by transmitting periodically threads most popular or curious).

In addition to these, of course, there are many other ways to bring traffic to a forum, for example - if you have a little 'budget to spend - you might want to plan a campaign on AdWords or buy banner of reference sites for your market niche that other SEO forum did.
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