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Which service can do 50/50 traffic allocation AB Testing?

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    Which service can do 50/50 traffic allocation AB Testing?

    Hi all!

    Any recommendations which service to use for classical, traditional AB testing with an even split of traffic between variations?

    I used Experimentor app in Shopify and though I selected an even split of traffic, 50% traffic to old variation and 50% traffic to new variation, the results did not show even traffic allocation between the two variations.

    Apparently, Optimizely and Convertize do not ensure even traffic allocation as well. Both Optimizely and Convertize support team cannot guarantee that.

    If anyone knows of one service that can ensure that, I would like to know!

    Much thanks!

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    I am sure all tools you mentioned are capable of traffic split testing. Traffic allocation can be guaranteed only in %, not in units (actual number of Visits/Sessions per each variant). You can also try Google Optimize.

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    2 Things come to mind:

    1. As Thomas said - Google Optimize is probably the best bet.

    2. Technically, you don't need a perfect 50/50 split. What you need is enough traffic from the same source(s) to both of them (preferably at the same time) to be able to compare your conversion rates, visitor metrics, etc.

    As long as you know how many visitors each one received, and the traffic was sent at similar times of day, and as long as you have enough data, it can work.

    With that being said, however, if you only had a limited amount of traffic to work with, and there was a substantial difference between the number of visors sent to each of them...

    That could affect the math, and you would need to get something that works correctly.
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