10 Easy SEO Tips for Web Designers


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Jun 6, 2012
The web design plays a important role in SEO, especially in website using flash and JavaScript. If you have a website take a look at the following tips and changing a bit on your site, your website will probably earn points in SEO and by expanded in the ranking of search engines

If you are a web designer and do not follow the happenings in SEO, may find out that we need to start drawing more friendly to search engines sites. Here are 10 tips:

1) Use clean code

Pay close attention to the code used. If in doubt check the website with the W3C validation tool . If you find errors in the code fix them.

2) Beware with flash

The flash nowadays can be 'read' by the search engines, but with some restrictions. Avoid flash for navigation and appearance of the main contents of the website.

Otherwise, if used carefully can have a very good cosmetic result in web design, something that appeals to visitors and encourage back links.

See what tells Google itself for proper use of flash

3) Use jQuery for SEO friendly

In general, search engines have difficulty with AJAX. If you want my opinion, better use the jQuery that allows you to have a html link and jQuery effects together.

With JavaScript you can create a beautiful web design, just be careful is accessible and readable by search engines.

4) The presence of the footer is necessary

Search engines always want to see a footer, which contains a form of communication, a site map and terms of use of website.

Submit your site map to search engines instead of the actual website. The site map helps to registered faster if it is dynamic, it changes every time you change and website.

5) The links speak for themselves

The pages of the website will be well bound together with internal links, which will have to have the anchor text keywords aiming each page.

The anchor text of links, internal and external search engines gives the indication that focuses each page. The links play too big a role in SEO.

6) Decide on your domain

Decide from the beginning if the domain contain the www. For search engines, the websites webmastersun.com and www.webmastersun.com are 2 different website url.

This is called duplicate content and not hate on search engines. The same thing happens to the main page of the website. When the main page appears with www.webmastersun.com but with www.webmastersun.com / forum.php, have duplicate content issue.

7) The URL of pages

This is a parameter that affects much SEO. The URL of the pages should contain the keyword targeting each page. For example, if one page website targeting the keyword "internet maketing forum", the URL would be something like this: www.webmastersun.com

8) The strength of the pound (#)

The pound sign (#) is a very powerful tool. The #, when in a URL, make you invisible to search engines, that follows the hash. Here we are slightly advanced SEO techniques.

The hash is typically used in cases where we want to limit the contents entered in the search engines. Using the hash in the URL, the Page Rank of incoming links is transferred to the URL that appears before #.

9) Use as possible text

Search engines love texts which written. The more text there is on 1 page, will be better. Especially those who are involved in the SEO techniques, create them so as to encourage the introduction of written text.

10) Meta tags

When you write the meta tags, you should think like a visitor as there are now almost no impact on SEO. The title tag should be up to 65 characters, and the aim is to win the click.

The description tag is like a small advertisement on page and should not be greater than 150 characters. Course should contain the keyword targeted page.

In the meta keywords tag enter the maximum 7 keywords. This tag I have a feeling that does not count any more. Finally, use the H1, H2, H3, H4 tags for sub-titles.

Conclusion, I would like to reiterate how beautiful web design that is friendly to the search engines is the basis for a successful website. Also, I want to urge you to frequently visit SEO forums or Google guidelines so you will have more updates on latest SEO techniques. :victory:
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