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Where do I start from with internet marketing?

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    Post Where do I start from with internet marketing?

    Hello Webmastersun warriors,

    Am a newbie on this platform, I will appreciate all support that will makes me scale ahead in internet marketing.

    Have an affiliate program promoting. Pls reach out how to go about it.


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    In a nutshell, set some goals, do your homework, remember if youre in it for love youre in it right, remember you are the brand, and keep swimming....

    Daymond John from Shark Tank taught me that...

    But anyways, i try to teach all of my students or mentees that to go in it from an investing mindset. Up, down, up down, down down, down....

    Did you buy or sell there? If you bought you lost money, if you sold you made money.

    you have to understand what going long and going short is in the stock market or any market for that matter.

    For a business to work it needs a fundamental baseline of accepted standards of excellence. That all starts in your head and it takes years to develop that kind of experience. Many many many many failures create this. Some wins as well.

    I got extremely lucky and was mentored for a short time by millionaires and billionaires.

    So now that im on the other side and where you want to be i can get you here and cut your learning curve down by years.

    So what do you do next?

    a student asked me that, i told him this, do you want to chase money or attract it? I told him i chased money for about 5 -6 years ended up nowhere and burnt out and quit about 10 times in the process. If i wasnt so passionate about business i would of folded up a long time ago. but i didnt because i love what i do.

    so now you have to understand i have some experience that you dont have, mainly knowing when to buy and sell. Or in another way, i know when to take action and when to wait. I know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, i just play the waiting game with my actions, i make a move, wait, let the market tell me which way to go.

    So now you have to understand the marketing mindset the way i see it.

    Marketing works like this. Imagine you took a dollar and you said go to work dollar, i need you to make me 10 more of you so i have a 1000% return.

    This is what marketing is in a nutshell. We're not selling anything, we're not pushing anything, we're not forcing anyone to do anything they wouldnt or dont want to do. All we're doing is placing an opportunity in front of many people and waiting for just one response to test out our hypothesis. If we are correct on our assumptions we will make small progress, or we will be right. Then we do it again and again and again and again. We created our own success formula through sheer will.

    "i find the more i practice the luckier i get" - Arnold Palmer

    You dont have to go for the $10k a month cashflow financial freedom at first, but you have to start chopping down that tree. More or less, go that way!!!

    Wait it out, see what the market does and says, how it reacts, what signs you are seeing, then make another bet, up or down. Use that mental framework to guide your actions to - > success

    - CJS

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    I think at first, you should choose a topic that you have passion in, then setup a new website about that topic. Write quality content on for your site. Drive traffic for it and start making money.
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    Start building an email list and help them out, solve part of their problem and then recommend a product that solves the rest.

    Without an email list you don't have much of an affiliate business.

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    Starting in online marketing can be overwhelming. I have tried a number of different approaches and have often been frustrated (plus, I have a hard time staying focused on one thing - which is something you want to do!). When I look back, it has been an education - through the different programs I purchased and the different methods I worked at. Part of it was learning what I really like doing - not having ever done anything online before. It is best if you have some love of/passion for what area or niche you are promoting or working in. There are so many tools and methods to learn. I found this article from Neal Patel ( an online 'guru' who you might already know of) for beginners. It is really comprehensive and broken in to sections that are easy to access. He starts with the need to focus on and know your customer -- what are their needs and desires and to understand how they are thinking and feeling when they buy and where do they 'hang out' at. Then having a great story to brand your business and how to position your marketing strategy for long term growth. He covers how to get traffic AND to convert it to buyers and repeat buyers - building the credibility and trust with them. Also... the LIST - building and email list and mailing to it!

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    Focus on one platform at a time. You should invest time and money into one single place. If you want to rule the social media world, then focus on it and on specific websites like: Facebook, Instagram and so on. If you are blogging then focus on SEO and promoting your websites on forums or even investing some money so it appears on Google more.

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    I agree with srenee - online marketing can be overwhelming.


    1. Do some reading on the different online business models. You don't have to stick to any one of them - just get an idea of what the possibilities are.

    2. Make a list of things you enjoy reading/learning more about. If you dig into something you don't enjoy, your chances of success are reduced.

    3. Narrow that list down to only include the things you really like, AND which relates to a market in which people are spending money.

    4. Unless you want to go into a market where you use paid traffic which is sent directly to offers or landing pages, work on building yourself an audience. Who are the people you really want to sell to? Attract them to you.

    It can be though blogging and a list (my favorite - but that depends on your preferences), sending paid traffic and building a list that way, using your social presence to build a list...

    Your mailing list is an asset of repeat prospects/customers.

    Your blog and/or social presence builds your credibility.

    Over time, as your audience grows, you can explore the different options for selling to your audience. It can be ebooks, courses, software, memberships, coaching, or services. And it can be your own or it can be affiliate offers.

    But the key is to attract people who are interested in your topic, and then offering them what they are likely to want.

    And as manmad said - don't try to do everything at once. Pick a single direction, and start off on a single platform. grow as you go - but don't pant more trees (tasks) than you have water (energy/time/money) for.

    Sorry - I had to try and squeeze a decade's worth of learning into a few words - I hope it makes sense. And I hope it helps.
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    Hello CJS I really appreciate your post here, it encourages me a lot and looking forward to connect with you in person or on social network for DM. Drag your brother along as you move on, you can please drop here your Skype/fb username or you can add me up rebirth855 with an a brief intro for us to connect. Thanks.

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