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How to promote JVZoo products on Facebook?

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    How to promote JVZoo products on Facebook?

    Hey there,

    I am going to promote JVzoo products on Facebook. But, since affiliate links are banned from Facebook as I heard about that, I no longer can't do that.

    Do you guys know, how to overcome this? or using other ad networks?

    Thanks in advance.


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    What i do its i promote a landing page and i build an email list and in my thank you page i put the affiliate offer

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    Since any domain name that has jvzoo in it is banned on FB, this is the way I've done it.

    Creating a custom domain name works best, and it looks professional IMO. This is because most people will just take a raw affiliate link and post it everywhere, which FB considers spammy. FB doesn't really care who's posting it, they just see a bunch of affiliate links with some form of jvzoo in it, and they then consider any domain name variation with jvzoo in it to be spam. This is why creating your own custom domain name (CNAME Record) is the best way, because nobody can ruin it for you, it's a link only you can use. It's pointless for others to use your link since they will just be sending affiliate commissions to you.

    So basically, I'll go into my domain name registrar, and create a CNAME record.

    Hope this helps!

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    They way that I have seen people get around the Facebook limitations in the past was to build up a site that had nice reviews for some of the many different JVZoo products and then use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to those review pages.

    Then you have your affiliate links or advertisements on your review pages. When I have seen a few ads on Facebook for JVZoo products, this is the way that I have seen it done.

    I know that Facebook is strict about things they allow on their Ads platform so you always have to use caution when doing so and direct linking is not the thing to do so having a review page (or something along those lines) that you direct your ad clicks to will be the better option.

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    I wanna go with still capturing leads before putting them into salespage. I just recently knew that Jvzoo domain was tagged by facebook for abuse, kinda spammy, some guys posting it in a spammy way. id say yes to ROBERTosz, have a custom domain, fb wont permit you posting jvzoo domain anywhere. just a thought.

    This one's already a good way to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertosz View Post
    Since any domain name that has jvzoo in it is banned on FB, this is the way I've done it.
    Thanks for this great information, I will do as your advice, I will create a new domain and a website for jvzoo products, I am just curious how to drive traffic to my products if I don't use Facebook. Can I use other social networks?

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    Just a heads-up...

    I just tried to boost a post that was leading to my blog with an opt-in form,
    and Facebook rejected it because I mentioned that it would "increase your
    affiliate commissions." They said it was a "get rich quick" scam!

    So you need to be careful with your wording if you don't want to get slammed.
    They don't like anything having to do with affiliate marketing and making money
    at home, etc.

    I think I'm going to change my free report to one about getting traffic. That
    might seem a better option.

    Of course it didn't help that my blog header had dollar bills floating about.
    I have changed that now, but for some reason, the old version still shows
    up when I post it on Facebook.

    BTW, you can also use Twitter, though I have not found it all that effective.

    So what I'll do now is to build my list with a lead magnet that Facebook should
    find more acceptable. And THEN promote the JVZoo products to my list!
    Last edited by Elisabeth Kuhn; 12-06-2018 at 02:27 AM. Reason: I added some more information.

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    Its better to buid your own customer's list and start promoting products to them. they want to buy, but focus on what does a prospect not have? spend few days to create and launch it.

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    In this manner that I've seen people circumvent the face-book limits from days gone by was supposed to accumulate a website which had fine reviews for a number of many different JVZoo services and products and use face-book adverts to drive traffic to people inspection pages.

    Then you've got your affiliate links or advertising onto your own pages. While I've noticed a couple of advertisements on facebook to get JVZoo services and products, this can be actually the manner I have experienced it all done.

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