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Video Marketing?

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    Video Marketing?


    I am going to try you tube and other video sharing site with click bank, But the problem is that I am confused which type of pic should I use, what content should I post on my video and how the content should be placed.Have you ever tried to use video marketing before and failed? I am going to use animation for this purpose so it would be off 30 secs. So less time and more quality content to attract the customer.

    Can any one help me.
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Very difficult to answer your question specifically because I am not sure if your intention is to promote your products/services, encourage people to go affiliate marketing, clickbank in general, etc.

    Since I am an avid user of YouTube, the videos that struck me as memorable and effective basically have common elements as listed below. Facebook seems to be another popular online site.

    1. Short duration. mostly 10-15sec (best) but lasting up to30sec.

    2. Focus on the value it wants to impart to viewers, something that truly matters to your target market (problem/solution)

    3. Presentation and emotional appeal.

    It must be visually entertaining enough to hold the attention, connect and draw emotional reaction from the audience like joy, laughter, sorrow, fear or even a twist like sad start to happy ending, serious to funny, etc. It should be simple, spontaneous not cluttered as to cause confusion. Audience should be able to understand the message you are trying to convey.

    4. Call to action. A good ad normally evoke positive feeling. Seeing a flash of the company and/or brand or other basic contact information after the video presentation reinforce the interest. Sometimes, there’s an interactive feature that motivates viewers to click to like or to subscribe or to be linked to the website.

    If you are merely doing a product demonstration or introducing a business opportunity, you can just be straight forwarded in making the presentation but make sure you present it in the proper tone and good speaking voice (clear enough to be understood). Demonstrate the salient features of the product and speak (and show them if possible) the real benefits or value the audience can derive. For business opportunity, presentation will be more interesting if you can show them proof of actual earning or success story testimonials. Creative mini-teasers ignite interests and wanting customers to find out more.

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    Good idea, but why not just make a vlog and put the links of your clickbank products in the description like everyone else does. It's much simpler and much easier to do.

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