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What bother you most as an online marketer?

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    What bother you most as an online marketer?

    We all know that its not easy to become an online marketer. Many trials will come during your start day. For me disclaimer is the one Im bothering, discouragement will result a weakness for me. How would you handle this if you were on my shoe?

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    I am not certain exactly what you asking, but it is easy to
    get discouraged when you first start out. As with anything new,
    there is a learning curve.

    The things that "Bother" me most are all of the worthless so-called "Products"
    that are out there telling you that if you buy them that you will be an overnight success.

    Even though selling online is fairly basic, there are a lot of things that go into
    the "Basics". You really need to learn and develop a certain amount of knowledge
    in order to even survive online, let alone prosper online.

    You also need to know yourself. Why would you try to sell archery equipment if
    your main love is dancing? Once you know how things work online, and have
    experience selling and driving traffic, then you can sell most anything.

    Start with what you know.

    The Basics:

    1. Your purpose - Why are you online? What do you want to do? What problems can you solve?
    2. What do you want to sell and how do you want to sell it?
    3. You should have a website, and email service to build a list and email market.
    4. You need to decide how to drive traffic.
    5. You need a way to take money.

    That is kind of a "Nutshell" overview.

    Getting discouraged is easy, and everyone is different.
    What gets people discouraged the most (in my opinion)
    is the multitude of "Marketers" (most are just wanna-be's) who
    put out so much garbage and hype that it's hard for someone
    starting out to know what they need and what they don't.

    There are a lot of things that work to sell online, but it is
    important to get focused on only a couple of things.

    You can have a great website, awesome content, and a super
    follow-up series in your autoresponder, but if your traffic is
    low quality and not targeted, then you have nothing.

    It seems as though traffic is everyone's pain in the rear when
    they are starting out, and you have to find out what method(s)
    work the best for you.

    Keep in mind that there is normally no "Quick and Easy" when it comes to
    internet marketing. I takes a lot of work and study to build an online life.

    The majority of people just give up trying, because they see all of these
    so-called "successes" who are rolling in money after only 2 months online.
    Most are lies, plain and simple.

    It was easier 20 years ago when things were more relaxed online, but
    today it is much harder to get things going - usually. There are always
    exceptions. I hope that you are one of them.

    As far as traffic goes, know what information you want to share, find
    like-minded people who would benefit from what you have, and invite
    them to see more. That's really basic!

    The only other thing that I can share is that you will likely need to
    have a lot of patience, focus, and determination.

    If you work hard enough, long enough, and are focused enough, then
    you WILL see results.

    Good luck.

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    It's the 'something for nothing' mentality of certain aspects of the industry.

    It's breeding unhealthy expectations, and contributing towards the failure of a lot of businesses.

    If people have the right mindset going into it, they'll increase their chance of success.

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