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What do you most prefer to use in olm, cellphone or pc/laptop?

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    What do you most prefer to use in olm, cellphone or pc/laptop?

    Me, i use phone for checking my websites and social media transactions but probably better when using laptop or pc which is well equipt with many tools. One thing cellphone is good for just visiting your transactions because it's portable and can bring anywhere. When doing heavy tasks such as editing, posting big images and entering forums nice to use your pc/ laptop coz it is big and convenient to use. You can do whatever you want in your online transactions.

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    The desktop or laptop is most ideal to use for online marketing especially when you finalize your video, blog, presentations, etc. One may find doing these tasks difficult in smartphone with a small screen and keyboard. The major difference of the two is portability. A compromise of the two is a tablet or notebook with bigger screens and other better features which are light to carry and easy to use.

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    The combination of each of these devices makes it possible to get everything done without being confined to one spot.

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    I'm using mobile phone for fast check about my social profiles, emails, notifications,.... Using laptop for my work such as doing, preparing plans, setup campaign, write content,...and many works to do.
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    When doing online marketing, I usually use a netbook because it is much smaller compared to a laptop, and sometimes when I'm away from home it is more convenient to use. Also, it has the same specs to a regular laptop (nowadays we can have netbooks with higher specs). It's true, mobile phones and tabs are really hard to use because of the size of the screen.

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    all of them, but since I broke my laptop I'm using my personal computer right now to do my online job or business, to browse my social site and checking my email. The use of cellphone for me is just to look at my notification, and if they need the immediate response, I can answer them through email by using cellphone.

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    Sep 2017
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    For me the best thing to use is laptap or pc. It can give you a wide range of screen. It will help you look for more details when looking for some things. But right now, I used my phone because I do not have my own personal computer or even laptap.

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