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How to hire a guest blogger or article writer?

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    How to hire a guest blogger or article writer?

    Every business needs promotion and regular updates regarding their products or services. Companies will hire dedicated content writers to accomplish that task. But small business owners can't afford that, so how they can get content writing services, to which extend they can hire a content writer services? Or how they plan for content preparation and promotion?

    Some businesses do not hire, they just get few articles in popular websites and compensate the writers. So what is your suggestion on this requirement?

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    For me hiring technical writer is always problem, I used to hire through upwork but what I found they were never according to my requirement, it always looked like they filled the words.

    Its more better to find someone with good english or normal english living at countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, hire them and teach them to write according to your need ask them to update the requirement. At start there writing will be not good but eventually they will write good with time.

    It possible they will make mistakes, you will play the role of editor and before publishing update the content and fix the grammer/spelling mistakes.

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    Hiring someone is not an easy task and you have to interview and know the person first in order for you to see if you have found the qualified person you need for your business. If you are looking for one and you don't have the means to pay for it or if you don't have that much time to hire someone. You can always try using free social media sites or free platforms for example FB, you can join groups which are looking for online work, you can post your job posting there, write the requirements and ask them to submit one of their works so that you can easily check if the candidate has what it takes for you to hire.

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