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New member looking for a training plan

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    Question New member looking for a training plan

    Hi, I'm a new member as of today.

    I'm working in an IT company that creates complex webapplications. We don't offer marketing (like adwords, social media,..) to our clients. We also don't do marketing for our own company (freelancer is working for us to do this). I find marketing very interesting and would like to learn about it.

    Before I start I'd like to have a clear learning plan on what I would have to learn and in which way. Like SEO, SEA, ... . I'd rather have a structured way of learning than reading some blog posts about digital marketing in general.

    Can you help me ?

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    First welcome to the forum.

    I can't personally recommend a course but can warn you to be careful of the easy button syndrome. Once you start a course don't start hopping from course to course before you fully complete the first one.

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    Hello and welcome to Webmaster Sun.

    You have to be careful with many of the courses that are out there as they do tend to have of lot of flaws. Things like the course providers opinion, outdated information and speculation by people who really are not an expert in the field, despite them presenting themselves as one.

    The best way IMO to learn these things is by reading about things and asking questions. This way you can find something specific that you want to know and read on it.

    Then if you have any questions you can ask questions on places like this forum.

    You can read on forums as well as some of the trusted authority sites in areas that you want to learn to start out and then go from there.

    Welcome again and good luck.

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    You are most welcome, You just start to learn the basic something. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/what-is-digital-marketing

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    I have to agree with Rob and Ulterious, there is a lot of information out there and much of it is outdated or very opinionated.

    Find a topic that interests you, I would start with a smaller subject, like email marketing and learn what you can on that topic. Again keep in mind that most authors are going to direct you in ways that may have worked for them but may not be as effective for you. Digital marketing emphasis has a lot to do with the type of product you are marketing.

    Things that work well for me for example, I do a lot with web development training, may not be as effective for someone that is doing physical products, or vitamin supplements, or other types of products. Obviously the audiences are different but there are also differences in how the products are presented and marketed.

    I will throw in one piece of advice when it comes to SEO. SEO is a very complex subject and it is constantly evolving. As quickly as you become familiar and comfortable with a topic in SEO it will change. That is the nature of the beast. If that is the area where you want to focus pick a very reputable source of your information. Most everything the you find in print or online, i.e. YouTube is outdated. If SEO will be your area of focus that should be the only area you focus in for quite some time as it will take awhile to really understand it and it again it changes quickly.

    Take your time and ask a lot of questions, this is a really good site for information and opinions, but keep in mind that many of the opinions will be based on their types of products. Most of us have a focus on our areas of expertise and have learned about those particular areas and what works best for us. Because the topics are so broad we have had to focus to be as successful as possible in our areas.

    I hope this helps, good luck.
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