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How to Decrease the CPC for Keywords?

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    How to Decrease the CPC for Keywords?

    Hi Friends,

    My Budget is daily $1000 for Google AdWords, but my CPC is Higher for each keywords cost Google Suggesting top page bid 25-40 Rupees My Quality Score is 9 But Ad Getting Impressions and clicks when i modify bidding. my actual bidding for all keywords 4 rupees i updated yesterday its from 4 rupee to 6 rupees. but there is no big changes in that. anyone suggest me how to decrease the CPC.

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    Put your keyword bids higher for now. You should then get a few clicks for your keywords because your ad positions have moved up.

    Check the CTR (clickthrough rate) of your keywords. If they're high (say 4-5% above), then keep them there get more clicks. If you can maintain this relative higher CTR for another while, usually your actual CPC will start dropping a bit (which is exactly what you want).

    If the above doesn't work at all, it may be one of the following reasons or all of the reasons:

    - The "relevance" of your keyword and your ad aren't good enough. It means either you will have to choose a better keyword to raise the bid, or you should re-write a better ad.

    - Your competitors who are also bidding on those same keywords have put their bids very high, which forces the actual cpc of the keywords to go up (in general). This is a factor that you cannot control.

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    or try to find typo for your targeted keywords, or the long version of your targeted keywords.

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    I would like to answer the question You can reduce your CPC with the following:

    Add long tail keywords;

    Target keywords that have low bids;

    Focus on the quality score;

    Use Negative keywords;

    Create tightly themed Ad Groups;

    Use Geotargeting;

    Keep ads relevant.
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