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Pros and Cons of guest posts on my blog?

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    Pros and Cons of guest posts on my blog?

    More people are asking guest posts on my blog but I am considering this because they will add their website links into posts which can make the quality of post content decrease, right? What are Pros and Cons of guest posts on my blog? Does it hurt SEO for my blog?

    Your comments would be appreciated.

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    There are some things you should consider:
    - prepare a guest posts guidelines- you can include things like: minimum number of words e.g. 1500, maximum number of links, topics
    - topic of a guest post should be relevant to your existing content
    - check posts for plagiarism- uniqueness matters
    - check posts for quality- remember that you don't have to accept every post people send you. Everyone does it to get a link back to their website but some people forget that their posts should provide value to the readers
    - edit post if needed, check for spelling etc. However, confirm changes with the author.
    - if you exchange posts- check the website of other party- don't link to your website on poor quality sites
    - don't accept too many guest posts- they should enrich your blog, not to replace your posts. Different approach to a topic can be interesting to your audience but you can lose them if they see only posts from random people.

    Hope that helps!

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    If you allow guest posts on your blog then it will be very helpful to keep up the flow of content and save your time for promotion. However, There are some points need to be considered while accepting guest posts on your blog. It must be unique, well written and relevant to your blog niche. Do not accept palgarized content or copyrighted images. Hope this will help you.
    Check out my blog @ https://www.techblog360.com

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