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[BountySite] Website security and backup services

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    [BountySite] Website security and backup services

    BountySite is a website threat hunting platform. BountySite backups your website and runs security scans on offline data.

    Here is how BountySite works.

    BountySite offers full fledged professional Website Backup service.
    Add Value and Revenue to your Hosting Services today.

    Sell any/all of the following ready made plans:-

    Website Backup Bulk Offers
    Package name *GB Sites Max Sites Retail Cap Offer price
    Free Plan limited limited 0$ 1GB 0$/pm
    Economy Plan Pack 200 100 1$/GB Site 49$ pm
    Enterprise Plan Pack 100 100 1$/GB Site 49$ pm
    Build Your Own Storage Customize Customize No cap 99$ / 500 sites pm

    Build Your Own Storage Limited offers:-
    • No setup charges, till 31 January 2019
    • No monthly management charges, till 31 January 2019
    • Exciting offers for packs with more than 2,000 sites

    Backup Sync:
    Site owners can keep their own copy of website backup data, into their own managed cloud platform, with Backup Sync.
    BountySite replicates backup copy post every backup, with modifications. BountySite currently supports any S3 compliant and BackBlaze.
    Retail price - 1$/GB/site/pm

    We also can provide with Disaster Recovery Services for Linux hosting. We have the automation, which can be customized to restore on either Cloud or Dedicated server.

    Continuous File Monitoring
    Inotify based backup trigger available for CPanel based Hosting. BountySite CPanel plugin runs Inotify plugin to look for changes in sites, and monitors for file changes and queues them for backup.

    Contact us at https://www.bountysite.com/bscontact.html or reach to us at sales (at) bountysite.com, to design your own combination of packs and prices.

    For more details, visit - https://www.bountysite.com/partner.html

    *GB Site - GB site is calculated as GB allocated per site. If site is using 0.100GB backup space, it is accounted as 1GB
    ** Security reporting and Security patches are currently free. Post offer, each Threat detected will be priced at 1$, with maximum cap of 5$ per year, along with free security patches.

    Bounty What??

    Here is an analogy:- To catch all the bad fishes in a pond, you need the right kind of net to catch them, and ensure that the good ones are not caught.
    Well! we designed the pond(Backup Service) to let all the fishes flow into, and our job is to design the net to catch bad fishes(Threats & Malware).

    1$ per threat sounds ridiculuous
    We want to provide the most cost effective proactive security for large number of websites. Our platform scales to hundreds of thousands of sites. Infact, the more sites, the better BountySite gets in Threat detection.

    On large scale this make sense for site owner and us.

    Sites getting hacked is bad, but getting blacklisted is a bigger issue. BountySite notifies Site owner on file change modification, which provides time to remediate the infected site, before going into blacklisting.

    BountySite Website Backup Features Overview
    • Modular backup design allowing global distribution of storage nodes
    • Super fast backup, with storage node close to hosting server
    • Very low resource utilization on Hosting server
    • Maximum concurrency limit per FTP host to allow peak web traffic use maximum resources
    • Designed to backup thousands of sites(all sites on a server)
    • Unlimited snapshots
    • Automated malware scanning
    • Free Bounty Security
    • Storage on industry standard AES 256 bit encryption
    • All storage nodes are accessible only via SSL REST API
    • Auto revert file changes using Stable operating mode
    • Restore web and database individually giving granular control on restores
    • Tracking file changes and backup history
    • Restore/download/file diff/view history individual file(s)
    • View Backup logs and Access logs
    • Use backup to bring your site up using Disaster Recovery
    • Access to Free 1GB Backup Plan
    • Check package provisioning status
    • Provide own support to customers with logs
    • Mysql over PHP on HTTPs based backup/recovery
    • Blacklist Monitoring
    • Optimize Static Contents to improve PageSpeed
    • Coming soon - Auto Malware removal

    BountySite Partner Features
    • Sell all website backup features
    • Use BountySite storage or build you own storage
    • Multi user login with RBACL
    • Concierge service for site owners
    • Configure concurrency limit per IP address per hour
    • View Backup and Rule Log to provide customer support
    • Continuous File Monitoring with cpanel plugin
    • Provisioning API to integrate with existing billing system
    • WHMCS plugin available for BountySite
    • Build custom storage with compliance standards
    • With custom storage build, price and market backup services independently
    • Increase revenue with existing customer base
    • Add a layer of security to Hosting infrastructure
    • With Enterprise plan, never loose backup data
    • Never let site get blacklisted
    • Optional chat support in control panel
    • Keep your customers happier
    • Lots of exciting features coming soon

    BountySite Site Owner Control Panel Features
    • Backup Site using FTP, FTPS and SFTP
    • Mysql DB Backup
    • Backup Dashboard overview

      * web/database backup history
      * time taken for web/database backup
      * number of files modified/deleted/added
      * file count by mime type
      * bytes backed in web/database backup
      * short summary of recent file changes
      * average monthly uploads
      * number of snapshots
      * disk usage and usage vs allotted ratio
      * total file count
      * maintenance notice for used services
    • Backup Operating Modes

      * Active - default backup mode
      * Development - no mail notifications for site file changes
      * Disaster Recovery - backup from Disaster Recovery mode, instead of actual Hosting Server
      * Stable - Auto revert file changes to a specific file revision
      * Disabled - disable backup
    • Documentation corresponding to every page
    • Notification messages
    • Backup API Key ACL to manage backups externally
    • View time in local timezone, instead of default GMT
    • Advanced Login Security

      * Enable Two Step Authentication - receive token in email for login
      * Allow login from specific IP ranges - allow login from specific source IP/networks only
      * Allow login from specific country - lookup IP and find country for login request
    • Multicurrency support
    • Multi user account with RBACL - meaning delegate sub tasks to other users. Access levels as below:-

      * Allow view dashboard
      * Allow manage backup
      * Allow manage users
      * Allow restore
      * Allow manage security packages
      * Allow manage disaster recovery packages
      * Allow to buy packages
      * Allow to view access logs
      * Allow to view backup logs
      * Allow view billing
      * Allow support tickets
      * Allow view notifications (and receive mail)
    • Disable sub user login
    • Authorize service provider/partner to login into your account, for concierge
    • Simple backup configuration with verification
    • View backup history for web/database
    • Traverse through files using File Browser; Time Travel to past
    • File Explorer - For individual file:-

      * view used space
      * view modification time
      * restore to specific version
      * download
      * view file change history
    • Restore web/database individually
    • File categorization based on known(existing open source CMS), malicious, suspicious and unknown
    • Single page easy restore for web and database to a previous revision. Note that web and db can be independent revisions
    • Choose stable revision with Stable Operating mode, to disallow site file changes
    • Download specific snapshot for web/database
    • View Backup File Change history for every backup
    • View modification history for individual file
    • View file diff for changes to a specific text file
    • Individual file restore/download
    • View Control Panel access logs to track setting changes, and downloadable
    • View Backup log history and downloadable in csv, html, json and xml formats
    • Backup log bug status feature to track of bug fixes, for specific unhandled exceptions
    • Automated backend tracking for any control panel exceptions
    • Notification message read tracking per sub user
    • Instant Provisioning post payment
    • PayPal payment integration
    • Notifications via mail and control panel

      * Backup file changes
      * Provisioning notification
      * Backup failures and more
      * Disabling backup
    • Manage multiple database backups, for one database host for a site
    • Pay per usage billing model. No storing credit card
    • Easily switch sites using site dropdown

    Thank you for visiting this offer page.

    Wish you a successful and prosperous Happy new 2019 year!

    Do write to us at sales (at) bountysite.com and tell us about what you think.
    BountySite: Democratizing Website Security

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    Which locations are available for backups?

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    Locations available all across the globe for enterprise plan
    BountySite: Democratizing Website Security

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    We now support Auto Add Database for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal. You don't have to configure database manually.

    Offer too good to be true?
    Contact us at sales (at) bountysite.com and get a free online dedicated demo account. Run your own tests on it.

    Pay only on full satisfaction!
    BountySite: Democratizing Website Security

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    Recently asked questions

    Your pricing looks ridiculously cheap. Is there a trap?
    Our pricing model is simple. Pay per used storage. There is no catch anywhere. If we do introduce 1$ per threat, it is only going to be an AddOn service, which you can either opt in or out. Your backup plan is independent, and will continue to receive free security scanning. We built the service for security. That is our main goal. We want to protect 90% of sites, which are only waiting to be hacked.

    *Never* store backups on some throw away *cloud* storage
    Our Enterprise Cloud backup Plan stores backup data on DigitalOcean block storage with a replica to AWS S3, in a different Geo location. If that does not convince, we are more than happy to build you a dedicated customized fully managed storage solution, with BYOS

    There is too much of tech information for me to make sense of your offerings. Can you summarize in simple terms?
    Security is very tech, and we have tried to simplify as mush as possible, and will continue to do. Take a look at our 5 page presentation

    Still! Your pricing is too low? Too good to be true
    Look at us as a whole sale vendor. BountySite gets better with more sites on our platform. Hence, such pricing.

    Why do I care about backup speed?
    Sure, backup runs in the background. But faster backups is essential to release any hosting server resources.

    Huh! Not enough? Ok! BountySite backups your website with latest contents, before doing a restore, as anyone would or should. If your backup takes 30min, your restores will take longer time. BountySite restores are faster, because backups are faster.

    Restore is the most essential part of backup, which is commonly overlooked. Your backup can be easy, but is your restores simple?

    How do you provide fast backup speed?
    With our Enterprise Cloud backup Plan and BYOS, we can achieve blazing speed backups. The reason is very simple, we are reducing the round trip time between hosting server and backup storage node. We are the only one in the industry to be offering this.

    Now, what about data reliability / disaster recovery, keeping backup in same zone?
    We have what we call Redundant Backup(not the best in naming), which keeps copy of the backup data to remote Geo locations. Be it one copy on AWS S3 or multiple copies of dedicated server spread across Geo locations.

    With redundant copy on dedicated servers(only), there is one unique feature. If for xyz reasons, your primary copy is damaged or corrupted, your redundant copy will not overwrite existing redundant copy archive, but will create a new archive, and notify us.

    What IP should I allow for mysql remote backup?
    We are distributed globally and our IP address vary to the server your account is provisioned on.

    We have come up with a solution to backup/restore Mysql over HTTPS, using PHP script. BountySite sends db credentials over HTTPS to the php script(not generic) and downloads database. This is more secure than doing a mysqldump. The php script is specific for individual site, and can be downloaded from the control panel, under corresponding site. If your site is working on HTTP, this will not work. Please move to HTTPS.

    Get that free "no strings attached" dedicated demo today!
    Last edited by BountySite; 01-24-2019 at 08:53 AM. Reason: missed to copy links
    BountySite: Democratizing Website Security

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    Though we don't compete with any backup vendors, I like to highlight some backup features of BountySite, with this comparison with CodeGuard, here
    BountySite: Democratizing Website Security

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    I have cPanel and Plesk onyx installed on my server. How to use your services?

    Is it possible to connect to Amazon s3?

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    Our plans have changed.
    Try our free plans. Checkout get started .

    We are currently offering Hosting Unlimited bounty plan for hosting providers, starting at 150$ pm. We are now able to setup storage node anywhere in the internet.
    All paid plans keeps a backup copy in S3, unless requested not to.

    We now provide full server backups to S3/B2, but is available for free for Hosting providers only.
    BountySite: Democratizing Website Security

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    Quote Originally Posted by BountySite View Post
    We are currently offering Hosting Unlimited bounty plan for hosting providers, starting at 150$ pm. We are now able to setup storage node anywhere in the internet.
    All paid plans keeps a backup copy in S3, unless requested not to.
    When calculating prices then your services will go with S3's price or yours?

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    We have 2 models for data storage:
    - one where hosting provider can provide with their own storage.
    - we provide storage, say unlimited sites for x GB

    In both cases, we charge a flat subscription.

    There are two ways to having site backup in S3:-
    - Storage level, where all sites' data is pushed to S3 account managed/owned by us. In this case we will pre-charge for x GB S3 space.
    - User level, user can configure to store a backup copy into their own S3 account. On every site modification, a copy of data is pushed to user owned S3 account. In this case, you will have to subscribe for the AddOn

    We have several level of customization possible, depending on how the hosting provider wants to categorize and resell the services.
    BountySite: Democratizing Website Security

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