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Traffic syndication

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    Traffic syndication

    A few years ago i saw many traffic sharing pluggins for WP - websites in the same "traffic sharing network" displayed "ads" linking to each-other. It was like ad-sense but more crude and free.

    I see such pluggins still exist but nobody is talking about them, why is that?
    My first guess would be that google didn't like the competition and penalized the sites using this (though i have no proof of that, i am just guessing). But still, for sites which can't ever hope to rank well, this could be a great way to get traffic.

    What i'm thinking about is small service oriented businesses - auto shops, carpet-cleaners, roofers, etc - they could benefit greatly by having their articles/links displayed on related sites. So why do i find no mention of this anywhere anymore?
    Last edited by Chancer; 06-11-2019 at 07:07 AM. Reason: Explanation: posted in MMO instead of SEO section, because this is mostly bypassing search engines.

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    I have been looking myself at same thing I own the name links.exchange and was looking for some simple options for link exchanges but I have something detailed in mind. So will be a while.

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    That sort of stuff was very common back in 2009 but Google cracked down hard on spam in 2011 or so, and link exchanges started to get de-indexed from Google's search results.

    I haven't heard much about it even since.

    The best way to get other sites to link to you is to send them an email and tell them about your good content and “offer them” to link to you

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