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What are Internet Marketing Trends 2019?

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    What are Internet Marketing Trends 2019?

    We are just halfway through 2019 and I heard about these trends for IM in 2019 but not sure they are exact trend for this year or not.
    Do you think they will more influence and why?

    - Voice searches
    - Live videos
    - Email marketing engagements
    - Lead profiling
    - Content personalization
    - Browser push notification

    Do you know some hot trends for IM right now? Share me your thoughts!

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    Yes these all will effect internet marketing a lot, because its trend has taken a great shift towards these mediums.

    Google now giving preferences to voice searches you can also see a change in google search results whenever you search for anything, from last year it has been giving a result "PEOPLE ALSO ASK FOR" this tab includes voice searches as well as different queries people ask for.

    Live videos are a great source to engage your audience with you. Because people prefer live existence of a bran so what is the best solution for it other than going live on different platforms

    Email marketing are somehow fading a bit, because brands and influencers are getting thousands of email on daily basis. They do not tend to open each and every email that has dropped in their inbox. Though they skim through their inbox and one thing that could catch their attention is the subject line. Funny and catchy subject line catch attention of the recipient.

    Lead profiling create sense of importance so it has a positive effect.

    Content personaliztion is a great way to catch eyes of audience as well as great brands and influencers. They allow you to stand out from the noise in that specific target audience.

    Browser push notifications are really effective, but to a limit. Because not everyone needs that pop up so they don't click them, but one who does is a surely lead for your business

    I hope i cleared what you wanted to ask

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    Newest Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 are as follows:-
    Artificial Intelligence
    Video Marketing
    Live Video Streaming
    Good Content
    Voice Interaction
    Social Media Marketing
    Omnichannel Marketing
    Marketing Automation Tools
    Native Advertisement, etc.

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    Hey. These are the major trends in 2019-
    - Accelerated mobile pages through AMP and EMM
    - Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
    - Wearable devices
    - AR and VR
    - Fitness trackers
    Hope this helps.

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