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Jun 6, 2012
How to create a website? Today, to make a website is very easy with more free flatforms that you can use via internet and sources, It will consume you less time, fee, and expensive to do a good website than before!

In 4 simple steps I'm going to explain how to get fully independent to get a good website that you want

Step 1: WordPress

I hope that you are all that you first register a domain name and a hosting package decreases. Hosting Do you needed for your website (it is the "space" that you hire to place your website). Contact me if you need to know a best hosting services, I know more because I own more websites on more other servers

When you have a domain name then you can install the system WordPress. WordPress is a free software for creating websites. It is a so-called CMS (Content Management System), you use this to your site is to build and manage.

At most hosters you can install this, you can get suggestions from webhosting section, there has more good web hosting providers already to help you. they can within a few seconds to install the latest version of WordPress on your domain name (without extra cost on top of the hosting).

Do it yourself?

You can also do it yourself if you have a little understanding of technique. Go to the website of WordPress , download the software and install the system via FTP on your domain name. not you understand this last sentence? Not going to do it ... PM me on this webmaster sun forum. I will help you.

Simplicity for success

Once WordPress is installed, you already have a website, this roadmap were still in their existence. Designs what you see, is the standard design of WordPress. You can several things such as colors, background, customize the banner, menus, etc.

Step 2: Design

If you still want a step further with a beautiful design for your website is quite convenient that the through wp dashboard.

For WordPress are literally thousands of designs to download free. Designs for WordPress are called "themes". You can download it on your own website. You can go for free design (even Googling) but you can also to Themeforest or Templatemonster. There you will find very high quality and modern designs for very little money.

A tip:

Take your time to view all designs to choose a design which completely corresponds to your request about website designs, after that you will purchase a theme from there. I sometimes say: 1 minute in the preparation will save you 10 minutes in the process!

Step 3: Templates

Good, we go one step further for a professional website is all very well but this remains an "internet marketing blog" and of course I want to learn how a sales page can make.

By placing a link to your sales page on your website, you can send your visitors to your product, and so make many sales. Such sales page, you can create a sales page template in your WordPress website .

You can if you enter text in WordPress template click and presto: your page has a sales page design (white, black text, red heads). Such a template you can download here: Sales Page template for WordPress .

You can just files in the folder of your theme / design on your website (leave the sales page) places. When you've done a template, It will appears in your WordPress CMS .

Step 4: Plugins

When you have put down a nice clean website you can go to expand with additional functionalities and better optimize the website in terms of SEO and usability. You do that on the basis of WordPress plugins .

When you click on WordPress plugins you can see a nice list of handy features that I urge you to use .You can find more plugins on the WordPress site .

And then?

Having a website is very beautiful, but you have not actually ...

You just need something to a website when you use it as a marketing tool. That website so you should then go for:

- Attracting visitors
- Converting those visitors into profit

Then start blogging!

WordPress is ideal for placing blog posts.

Simply fun and valuable blog posts on your website and you'll see that as you do this longer, more and more visitors are going to get more and more result that visitors are going to get.

I hope you can make blog or website easily with wordpress. It's very popular with bloggers and well-know all over the world. Good luck!!

Any Comments are always very appreciated!:victory:
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