What is the structuring and presentation of your texts in SEO


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Jun 6, 2012
1. Text, text, text! Offer your visitors informative, useful and readable content. Whether special know-how, personal opinions, product or advice - if you know something that others might be interested, you should put it online.

2. Make sure that your most important keywords appear often in the content of their websites. But do not overdo it: the readability of the text may suffer in no case less.

3. The further forward a keyword is more important it is counted (keyword: "SEO forum"). Search terms that are in the first section of a page are weighted higher than searches in the last section. Therefore, you waive superficial greetings and introductions, and are best straight to the point.

4. Search engines take into account word stems either not at all or with weaker weighting. Therefore, make sure that you do not create awkward sentence structure by a genitive or other unfavorable word forms. You may need to rephrase the sentence structure, so that the word in question also arises as how it is searched.

5. Be not too large pages. The more threads on one side, the more difficult it is to be found good for each individual subject. Share hence larger pages into several pages, and then optimize each page for its main topic.

Likewise, should multilingual content on a page is not mixed, but are separated.

6. Hide. No content in graphics, word files, Flash or other file formats unreadable to search engines

7. Check your texts thoroughly for spelling errors. Misspelled words can not be found.

8. Avoid in search engine optimization to dirty tricks like invisible text, cloaking or doorway pages. Modern search algorithms notice when content just for search engines, but not for normal visitors are visible See also:. Google Punishment

9. Forget all optimization techniques that the content of your pages is not only for search engines, need to read by people.

- If you provide information in the first place: Check your texts regularly on news and expandability.
- If you advertise your services in the first place: Check your texts again and again even better formulations. The more professional your work texts, the professional acts also your company.

Furthermore, apply for texts on the Internet to different rules than printed advertising such as brochures or flyers. The following recommendations have been proven:

- Structure your text with headings and paragraphs.
- Do not write nested sentences or long sections -. Rather write short and compact as possible sentences / paragraphs
- Write., The main message of a page (Conclusion, gist, summary) at the top of the first sentence or first section
- Do not use marketing language ("We are the best ...").
- Avoid "you" and passive sentence constructions.
- Request to action on ("Subscribe to our Newsletter").
- Avoid prolonged passages in italics, as this is difficult to read.
- Underline no text! On the web only should links be underlined.
- The line length of body copy should not be too long, otherwise the eye fatigue.

What about you? how do you use texts in SEO ? :victory:
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