How to optimize URL for SEO


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Jun 6, 2012
1. Should include important keywords first couple of URL
Specifically, when a keyword into the URL should lead the readers to see they really are reading and watching what matters in which the contents of the URL. People will see your URL in the search results at the top of their web browser while they're on your page, and where they can save the URL yourself - just like bookmark or email content. Maximum should be less than 5 keywords in the URL, it should not matter too much in a URL.

2. Maximum length to use for a URL is 115 characters.
According to the latest research, the short URL that users click more than 2 times longer than their URLs. A short URL will be more easily shared in the social network. Moreover, a URL is too long to be considered as 1 spam. A long URL will contain keywords, and ranking weight to each word becomes thinner and less valuable to each individual word in a search engine.

3. Do not use too many query parameters in the URL of the web page.
In a URL, the characters ? or & is considered as a parameter. Thus too many parameters in the URL can cause overload for the robots while collecting data. So consider while pass parameters to the URL.

4. Use a hyphen (-) instead of underscores (_) in the URL If possible
According to the latest research, the Search Engine stressed out _ is a word. However dashes (-) are considered as two separate space from. Dashes better for SEO because they allow search engines to separate and categorize relevant keywords.

5. Hold the URL does not go farther than 3 sub folders
Sub directory is the directory can be seen in a URL between two slashes (/).
For example: can be considered as 1 URL with 2 sub folders are articles and foo.

6. Restriction of accented letters in URL or special characters such as spaces, #, ^,! .. etc...
Remove all special characters in URLs to avoid cumbersome factors and creates unnecessary length.

7. URL is case sensitive.
The best way for an entire URL is lowercase, so will not be uniform and overlap.

8. Eliminate unnecessary words.
Try optimal length of 1 URL to the end as possible. You can ignore words such as and, or, is, .. etc ... to focus on the main keyword.

Here's some my simple tips about how to optimize URL for SEO. If you have any new ideas on this, please share yours :victory:
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