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Industry Leader in Integration Services! WHMCS, Blesta, cPanel, Multicraft & More

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    Ontario, Canada
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    Talking Industry Leader in Integration Services! WHMCS, Blesta, cPanel, Multicraft & More

    WebsiteIntegrations.Com, the industry leader in Integration Services, would like to introduce you to the services we offer and invite you to join the 1000's of other companies who have purchased our services.

    We have been providing Integration services here for 11 years starting with PHPBB Integrations - we have now expanded our services to provide Integrations with WHMCS, Hostbill, Blesta, Kayako, ClientExec,BoxBilling, SolusVM, Freelance Suite, VBulletin, PHPbb, IP.Board, MyBB, FluxBB, Wordpress, Flatpress, Coppermine, Gallery, 4Images, Vision Helpdesk, Hesk, Trellis Desk, TCAdmin, Multicraft and most any script!

    We have recently been expanding to offer even more services to help you with operating your website or web hosting business.

    Lets take a look at our recently added services:

    ★ Looking for a Responsive WHMCS Integration that matches YOUR site design? You can now order this service from http://responsiveWHMCS.com (also whmcsresponsive.com)
    ★ Order our New cPanel Integration! You have your billing system and forum integrated - now we can also integrate your cPanel to use the same header/footer/colors as your website! You can order this service from our site at http://cpanelintegrations.com (WHM Integration to come!)
    ★ New Package Deals! Looking to order multiple Integrations? Save with our new Package Deals. The latest deals can be found at http://scriptinstallation.ca/packagedeals.php - check back again for new deals! Don't see a bundle that is right for you? Contact us and maybe we can help you out!
    ★ Make your WHMCS more secure with our new WHMCS Security Update! More info can be found at http://scriptinstallation.ca/whmcssecurity.php
    ★ We now offer Forum Management Services. For details visit http://scriptinstallation.ca/forummanagement.php
    ★ We now offer Website Maintenance Services, for details visit http://scriptinstallation.ca/websitemaintenance.php
    ★ We now offer Site Transfer/Migration services. Order at http://websiteintegrations.com
    ★ We are now offering CHEAP HTML Templates with matching WHMCS Integration at http://whmcsintegration.ca/premadewhmcs.php
    ★ We now offer Responsive Integrations for Wordpress, PHPBB, Blesta and WHMCS!
    ★ We are now selling a number of CHEAP premade WHMCS Themes based on templates from Themeforest which we find popular (based on integration requests). You can order them for less then our normal integration price at http://whmcsintegration.ca/premadewhmcs.php
    ★ We now also offer some CHEAP premade discounted Blesta 3.2 Templates at http://blestaintegrations.com/premade.php
    ★ We have introduced a Premium Reseller service where you can save 50% off our Integrations to resell to your customers! https://scriptinstallation.ca/billing/resell.php

    NEW WHMCS Integration and HTML Template Pricing!

    We are pleased to announce that as of September 2nd, 2014 we have reduced the base price on our Industry Leading WHMCS Integration Service and also our HTML Templates! The price reduction is also present in our Package Deals that include WHMCS Integrations.

    You can find full pricing information and order this and any of our Services at http://websiteintegrations.com or http://whmcsintegration.ca

    Why Choose WebsiteIntegrations?

    ★ We are a professional integration provider and have been offering our services for 11 Years!
    ★ We don't take shortcuts! We copy all relevant files in your design and include them in the WHMCS Theme folder. Why? one reason is that if you secure your billing area with SSL and the content is not part of the theme then you will have 'dead' images or your order form will not show up as being secure.
    ★ Integrations ARE our business. We are experienced using most of the scripts we integrate. We do not outsource any work to third-parties.
    ★ We are the Industry Leader in Integration Services!

    Check Out Our Work!

    Want to see a sample of the 1000's of Integration projects we have completed? Check out our new Facebook Page where we will be posting previous and new samples of our work - and while there, why not give us a Like and stay current on our latest offerings and specials!


    Resell Our Services

    Join our growing family of resellers and earn money reselling our services! We provide white-labeled services to web hosting companies, website designers, and other integration providers. Your clients will not know we did the integrations and you can advertise them on your site as your own!

    Reseller of our Integration services can save up to 50% of regular Integration prices! You can then sell the services to your clients at the price you set!

    For more details visit : https://scriptinstallation.ca/billing/resell.php

    Payments Accepted

    We are pleased to accept payments using Paypal and 2Checkout. Canadian residents also have the option of paying for their orders using Interac eTransfer.

    Our Sites

    Main - http://websiteintegrations.com
    WHMCS Integration - http://whmcsintegration.ca
    Hostbill Integration - http://hostbillintegration.com
    ClientExec Integration - http://clientexecintegration.com
    Blesta Integration - http://blestaintegrations.com
    cPanel Integration - http://cpanelintegrations.com

    We also use the domains scriptinstallation.ca, yourwhmcs.com (no affiliation with previous owners), customizewhmcs.com and boxbillingintegration.com


    Follow Us on Twitter for Special Offers! http://twitter.com/whmcstemplates

    You can also follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Websiteintegrations
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    Ontario, Canada
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    It's Our 14th Birthday Sale! Use code BIRTHDAY14 and save 40% Off Our Integration Services!

    Save 50% Off Our Already Low-Cost Design Services! Use Code DESIGN50 https://scriptinstallation.ca/billing/product.php?do=product&pid=140 #HTML #RESPONSIVE #WORDPRESS #WHMCS

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    Oct 2014
    Ontario, Canada
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    Our Birthday Sale may have ended but you can still save using code 10PERCENT during checkout!

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    Oct 2014
    Ontario, Canada
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    Our WHMCS Services page has been moved to http://whmcsresources.com

    We now offer 3 Different Options for WHMCS Integrations!

    We have relaunched our Client Rewards Points! For each order you place on our Website you earn 25 Reward Points. For Every 100 Points you earn you can exchange for $10.00 in Account Credit. PLUS for every order your Affiliate places on our site you earn 10 Reward Points! More ways for you to earn Client Reward Points will be coming! (note: points from our old program are no longer valid).

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