5 Keys to Building Your Personal Brand


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Jun 14, 2013
Have you ever thought, how your brand name is heard or read by someone? What services or products will relate to your brandname? The answers to these questions will give you the keys to building and developing your personal brand. It also encourages your skills, combine them with your passions and see what the market can be better used. Remember that differentiation is what generates value of your personal brand.

Here's 5 Keys to Building Your Personal Brand:

1. List of skills
It is essential to specify exactly which emphasize ourselves because if not you have it clear, it will be difficult to discover otherwise. Make a list of your most outstanding professional qualities. This point is crucial!

2. Personal Seal
It is wise to project a uniform image of yourself so that when searching your name in different Social Media channels you can recognize through the same photo and biography.

3. Concrete Specialization
To promote your personal brand you have to concentrate on what you do that adds value. It is important to select what you want to develop exceptional experience that provides a real plus. The more specific you are in your goals, the easier it will be to develop a strategy to achieve them.

4. Increased visibility
Increased visibility is important for your career because it allows expand your network of contacts and friends, so use the power of social networks for your brand starts ringing. That will help give an image that accentuates the impression you want to give. If you hide your successes, remain unnoticed. If you do not you promote yourself, nobody else will. Your success is determined both by how well others know your work and the quality of it. Remember that what you say is what ultimately determine the value of your brand.

5. Message differentiation
When it comes to creating an impression, differentiation is the key to everything. The key is knowing what you have that others do not (or at least know how to offer it differently). That message of differentiation is what makes your brand unique and attract others to want to join your network.

Do you believe I still missed somethings in this thread and want to add your extra tips? share me yours and it will help others!!
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