Any Suggestions should I create a Plugin?

Kal K

Feb 2, 2015
I am thinking a new idea to promote and increase SEO score for my site by creating a wordpress plugin and wonder if any fellow webmasters have suggestions on the best way to about getting it built.

Should I go overseas? Partner with someone? What are the rough costs? Pitfalls to avoid?

I'm know basic about programming for WP and I think I can do it correctly.

Any tips on getting this built or the best way to go about would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks webmasters!


Well-known member
Jan 13, 2015
Hiya Kal,

If it was me I would develop it myself... That way you can easily maintain and enhance it... But that said my background is software development... Not knowing the exact requirements I'm unable to assess the estimated development effort...

The costs for experienced programmers can vary dramatically from say around $20 - $100 per hour... So you're probably best figuring out total development/delivery costs with milestones.... If you do decide to hire someone then I would use escrow service to hold funds.... In addition don't be surprised if the timelines shift to the right and that you have under estimated the total effort... So make sure to have some money as contingency... I would put the work out to bid and see what offers you get back, before making a final move...

Now dont forget maintenance/upgrading your plugin.. With Wordpress changing rapidly chances are that you will have to keep fixing things which break on new WP version roll-out as well as identified bugs/conflicts such as with other plugins... So there will be a long term cost associated too.... As a rough estimate I would put that as 20% annually against the total costs for development...

If you do decide on hiring someone, make sure that it is well documented as well as plenty of source code comments so that another developer can pick it up... You will also have to think about user guides, security/protection etc...

If this is going to be a plugin for sale - then I would look at licensing it with a server check i.e. you have an online database which provides and verifies license keys when installing the plugin...

Now before you even put efforts into developing - I highly recommend that you assess market demand... I would set-up a mock sales/description page with the buy now/download now button leading to an opt-in form... At that point tell them you are conducting market research and as they are interested in such a plugin would they mind doing a quick survey (that way you can get better requirements) as well as getting people onto your pre-launch list... So on open day you'll have eager buyers... Offer a massive discount on launch day and for free for review copies during the early stages...

Finally - I would develop a minimum viable product - just the essential features.. As that will save costs and time... You can then increment the development and scale it at a later point... Otherwise you run the danger of developing/implementing features which nobody wants/needs as well costs going through the roof... Its easy to get into the trap of "scope creep" - i.e. lets add this cool idea etc... with adding more and more you'll never get to the finishing line ;-)

Hope that helps!

Best of Luck,



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Mar 12, 2015
You can create a word press plugin if you have strong skills on present WordPress version, PHP skills, security skills etc., But it is better to work with a team or in a company. They will have a brand name and other certifications. Once you get popularity, the downloading range will increase, at that time maintaining security levels is a big challenge. And then if you have premium plans then you should have a support team. Think in depth before you jump.
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