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5 simple steps to have a web hosting

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    5 simple steps to have a web hosting

    Are you looking for a web hosting service? This is 5 simple steps to have a web hosting for your websites

    1) Choose the plan that suits what you need.
    2) Proceed to register a domain or indicates whether you have it with another provider.
    3) Place username and pin, payment details, specifies the type of plan and recurrence of payment. It is best that you choose for a year. It is extremely important to put a phone number valid contact, since once the order will call you to identify your identity to prevent fraud made.
    4) Get welcome. Once you confirm your account you will get an email from your web hosting provider. You will find the link to your control panel, your username, password and server names, very important data if you need stay domains registered elsewhere. Save this email in a safe place.
    5) If you manage to successfully access your dashboard, it means you've successfully created your hosting account.

    This is only steps I have got them when I registered a package from a web hosting, what are your steps and what required from your web hosting company?

    Did they require you verify a Photo Id or credit card to finish the reregistration?

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    Photo ID is not important for any hosting company at the time of registration.

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    A credit card or Paypal will do.

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