What kind of websites can I sell on flippa to make fast money?


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May 17, 2014
Hi Guys

I really like the Flipping business model and I would like to know what kind of sites which attract more buyers and I can sell on flippa
or other website marketplaces to make fast money?

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 22, 2015
Any type of website can sell on flippa, and I mean any. The main 2 things that attract buyers are how much is the website making and the number of visitors per day. So no matter the business model, just as long as the site is making money and getting traffic.

Only a few people buy business models and they only invest in new ideas not rehashed stuff. So if you want to sell a website on flippa or any other site, you first have to prove that the business is viable then that will be a lot easier to sell and you'll sell it for a good price.

Websites that don't make money or get traffic usually sell for pennies or never sell at all. This is really a waste of time, because you don't need to make a lot of money with the site or get tons of traffic.

You can simply make a few bucks a day with adsense (just for 7 days to prove that it's a good business) or make a few affiliate commissions. You can also build a list with the site, that will also put more value to it.

Here's how to flip a website in 10 days:

1. Build the site (place ads and optin forms around the site)
2. Have at least 20+ posts (you can outsource this)
3. Make sure your posts have sharing buttons

When people use the sharing buttons they'll bring you free traffic.

4. Create a facebook fan page
5. Post twice a day - but you'll need to use facebook ads to promote the page and your blog posts.

If you have 20 posts and you're posting twice a day then a $15 per day budget will be a good start to promote the blog posts. This will be $150 for 10 days. You won't even use the whole $15 every day, it will always be less.

6. Have a squeeze page that you can share on the fan page each day and mix it with the valuable content (2 posts). You don't have to promote the squeeze page with ads, simply push the blog posts so that you can have a lot of social proof on each post.
7. Follow up on everyone who liked the page or engaged on a post to thank them then send them to the squeeze page. But use something like "here's a special gift for you because you participated..." or something similar to that.
8. Use an autoresponder to promote affiliate products. If you want to offer value then create a secret blog for subscribers only. Give them free video content for 2 days, then pitch in the 3rd day. Offer more value for the next 2 days, then pitch the same product you pitched but add more bonuses this time.

Keep doing the same thing, 2 valuable secret blog posts then one pitch with added bonuses. Each pitch must have more bonuses than the previous one, that will increase sales. If you don't have an autoresponder simply get the free 30 days trial from getresponse or try aweber it's $1 for 30 days.

By day 10 you would have made a few sales and drove good traffic to your site, then you can flip the website and sell it with the fan page along with the free getresponse account to add more value to your site.

That's how you flip a website in 10 days, you can do this over and over again. You can even do it in less than 10 days if you're able to generate good affiliate sales. But the main aim is to prove to the buyer that it's a viable business that is easy to promote and maintain. This type of website can easily sell for $2000 or more.

But never sell a dead website that makes no money or generate traffic. Hope that helps
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