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How long did it take you to make your eBook?

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    How long did it take you to make your eBook?

    How many days, weeks or even months did it take you to make your eBook?
    Have you spent hours working on it every day or just hiring a writer to do it for you? and it is worth to earn money online by writing the eBook?

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    Sorry, that's near impossible to answer. Depends on the person and how long the ebook is.

    Some people put more time into it, can type faster, do more research. Too many variables to say.

    I've wrote alot of stuff over the years and yes they do pay off. It's not always about money, it could be traffic, blog readers, list subscribers and so on. Maybe ways to use content.

    Most people I see, it takes them months. But there are probably many reasons for that.

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    If you are just starting out online, I strongly suggest that you do NOT outsource your ebook.

    To become successful, you want people to get to know YOU and only YOU can make that possible.
    Having someone else write the ebook for you, will not convey you, your writing style or technique
    and YOUR passion for the subject matter will NOT shine through.

    As for the length of the ebook, or the time it takes, well, that all depends on you. I could write a
    6 page ebook in 19 hours whereas you may be able to create a 312 page ebook in 6. (No, it don't
    take me that long, I am just saying...)

    Many factors come into play when writing ANY ebook...

    • Whether or not you are passionate about what you're writing about
    • Whether or not you actually KNOW what you're writing about
      (the less research you have to do, the less time it will take)
    • How fast you can type (or speak if using some sort of dictation software)
    • How long you want the ebook to be
    • How much content you want to provide
    • How intense you want it to be
    • How "explicit" (and informative or descriptive) you want to be

    As a few have already said, no one can determine how much time and ebook SHOULD take to write.
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    Me personally. it took me about 3 weeks to put together my first one which is not very big. But the second one took much longer, as mentioned before it all depends on the content and what the content is about.

    Some can take a very long time depending on if it envolves affiliate products, your own products, or just massive articles and no products at all.

    You could probably throw a quick one together for sharing with links and cool articles in just a few days ( maybe for sharing). But if you think about putting one together for selling, you'll probably have products, links, resources such as freebies, or a tutorial about how to do something. This could take a while.

    As ron said above, it's probably an impossible question to answer, so I think it just depends on other factors

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    It took me about 2 weeks.
    Couple hours a day and all day on the weekends.

    Most of my time come from trying to get things right in photoshop.
    It's about 30 pages long. But i am pleased with it.

    My next ebook is being written now, i have most of the info down. As a rough draft. It's taken me about a week.

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    I have written many ebooks. Some take as little as an hour while others have taken months. Even have one I have been writing for over 2 years now.

    It really depends on the subject matter, your experience with the subject, the length of the ebook and your personal writing, proofreading and editing skills.

    Personally I would not recommend outsourcing the writing of an ebook. When you do that, it is no longer YOUR thoughts. Now if your writing skills are not very good or you have trouble with English, go ahead and write the ebook yourself. Then outsource the proofreading and editing to a writer that speaks both English and your native language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry P View Post
    How many days, weeks or even months did it take you to make your eBook?
    Have you spent hours working on it every day or just hiring a writer to do it for you? and it is worth to earn money online by writing the eBook?
    It took me about 5 weeks and I spent 9 hours a day writing the book. This is because I had a lot to cover. Many people write fairly quickly like in about 3 weeks while working 4-5 hours a day.

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    My very first ebook took me about 1 week to complete. I was knowledgeable on the topic, knew what I was writing and did everything myself. It was actually a free ebook to build a subscriber list.

    I use openoffice when writing ebooks and I also have a formatted template that I have created. Therefore, if I'm writing one now, I simply grab the template and start filling in content.

    Sometimes I may outsource the creation of the ebook cover if I don't have the time to create it.

    There are different factors that determine the time frame for completing my books. These include (but are not limited to): amount of words, how knowledgeable I am on the topic, research time, If I need to wait on others for any contribution to the project etc...

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    Takes me a couple of hours, if they're freebie ones... lead magnets, to build a list.

    My writing speed is about 1,000 words an hour, so it's just a case of pouring out the stuff in my head onto the page.

    And to be honest, most of my ebooks are short reads... more like a list of stuff they need to do to get results.

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    Well, it took about a week when I first completed a draft. I was writing on women issues. I have a particular interest in this area and have done reading a lot about it. It took about a week more for minor tweaks and plublishling online. It was a good experience, very fulfilling. To be able to do something that you like, for example, write an eBook about the things you have a concern about and feel that people should be aware of that as well, makes you feel that you have accomplished an achievement. It wss certainly an achievement for me to be able to fisnish my first eBook in less than a month. It wasn't that lengthy to. And I as a writer can write 2 - 3k words in a day, so it was less painful for me.

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    My ebooks are usually quite short and are made for the purpose of collecting emails. I usually spend 1 - 2 days on them, but I am knowledgeable about the subject and enjoy writing about it. If you are writing about something that you are not passionate about it will take you longer, as you will be looking to do other things first instead of writing.

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