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CB Clicksale (JV/Affiliates) - 100% Commission With 60% Recurring Plus Massive Sales Funnel

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    CB Clicksale (JV/Affiliates) - 100% Commission With 60% Recurring Plus Massive Sales Funnel

    Launching on Friday 8th January 2016.

    Dear All,

    I'm getting close to re-launching CB Clicksale which is a first of its kind all-in-one Internet Marketing Toolbox...

    Since its initial launch in Jan 2015 - the capabilities on offer have grown substantially as you can see from the below poster!

    At CB Clicksale we're now on the look out for eager affiliates to sign-up and promote noting that its 100% commission on the front end sale for the first month and thereafter 60% recurring month after month for each and every single sale you make... It also includes a massive sales funnel with various upsells/downsells...

    Plus over $30,000 In JV Prizes Issued Throughout The Year!

    Check out the Affiliate Resources for JV prize details, email swipes, banners etc and of course our main Front End Sales page for product details and sign-up on JVZoo for your affiliate link.

    Feel free to contact me via:

    Email: sid [at] cbclicksale.com

    Skype: sid.aslam

    Or connect via LinkedIn

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    Dear All - Just to let you know that we're picking up on sales after an expected sluggish start... Its still not too late to signup as an affiliate and get earning 100% commission on the front end with 60% recurring!!! If you do signup as an affiliate - also make sure to signup for JV updates on the affiliate resource page - as you get exclusive access to free bonus give-aways and time sensitive discounted prices which you can offer your audience!

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