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Urlshortener.co | Money Making CPA URL Shortener

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    Urlshortener.co | Money Making CPA URL Shortener

    Urlshortener.co is a specialized shorten URL service where you can shorten your adult and mainstream content links and share them on internet to earn money.

    Urlshortener is a CPA based shorten URL service, so, you will be paid amount for Leads and Sales, not for 1000 views from X country. Each user can theoretically bring a sale.

    You can try Urlshortener.co if you have already tried some URL shortener websites because it offers some great facilities like good payout rates, low minimum payout limit, on time payments, real time reporting system, and good support.

    Sign Up
    Like other shorten URL services there is no need to have a website to register on Urlshortener.co approval is not required. However, you should have to verify your email address before you can start using their services.
    The all you have to do is to fill the user registration form and submit it. After that you have to verify your email address. Once you verify your email address them you can start using our services to earn money.
    Any kind of approval is not required. However, you should have to verify your email address before you can start using their services.

    Advertising Tools
    Like top shorten URL services Urlshortener also offers a wide variety of tools which include – Mass Shrinker, iFrame, Direct Links, API etc.

    Reporting System
    Urlshortener’s reporting system shows detailed statistics of your links performances. With Urlshortener’s reporting system you can effectively track the performance of your links and also the money you have earned. Our reporting system updates in real time, so, you can see your money growing anytime.

    Minimum Payout
    The minimum payment threshold required to withdraw your earnings on Urlshortener is 25€, which is very low and competitive if we compare it with other top shorten URL services.

    Payment Frequency
    Urlshortener pays its users on monthly basis with Paypal and Paxum.

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    I tried your tool and it worked as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by slimspots View Post
    Advertising Tools
    Like top shorten URL services Urlshortener also offers a wide variety of tools which include – Mass Shrinker, iFrame, Direct Links, API etc.
    Do you offer advertising on your site when users click on "Continue" to go targeted link?

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    I am testing your page. Hope it will work well.
    I have also shared links for people to download, but have never tried to earn money from that.

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    Does CPA companies ban these url shorteners? I remember other companies who used to ban them, is there anyway to bypass that? or does urlshortener works well with CPA url especially? In my opinion, there's no need to ban url shorteners because what damage does it make? turbulent acts? actually to have your url shortened makes it more contemplating.

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    Interesting concept. I've heard of another company that offers the same, and they would redirect the clicker to an advertisement before sending them to the link destination. The owner of that link, therefore, would earn money based on ad revenue. Is this the same deal here? While I am tempted to give this a try, I'm afraid I would gradually anger my audience as they may be put off by always being led to an ad before getting to where they want to go. I would be very interested to hear what other users of this service have to say about their experiences, in particular how it was received by their visitors.

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    Yes, one the question is if web browsers won't start showing a warning when user tries to click on a link that is going to be redirected to a new domain? Is it possible that the real destination URL can be shown as link title to allow user to preview the link (that could actually improve clicking rates overall). Thank you.

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