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Webflow vs Wordpress

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    Webflow vs Wordpress

    Webflow is a responsive website cms and you can launch them with a click and they advertised themselves as 'better than Wordpress'. They seem really good, but I don't know what area they consider themselves better than WordPress.Does any used this cms please share your thoughts.

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    WordPress is a very popular and most intuitive CMS to create a professional looking blog. Plethora of themes and plugins help you to create a awesome blog. I love to use WordPress because of its flexibility and its expandable features.
    Blogging Tips & Tricks @ Blogwithvk.com

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    WordPress is better. SEO friendliness makes it the best. That's the cause why its powering thousands of websites at present. It will be a more reliable choice.

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    I was looking at Webflow a couple days ago and I believe it's an all-in-one type of platform with the CMS and hosting all together.

    It looks very interesting but I don't know if I would be willing to pay for something that is probably not as developed and have as many themes and plugins as Wordpress does.

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    I've been pretty much loyal to Wordpress because it gives me overall control on my website, no need to wait for web programmers or designers. But more than that, the powerful CMS it showcases is what I highly like about it.

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    Never really heard of Webflow before this post to be honest. I've always been loyal to Wordpress in terms of a content management system because it offers everything that you could potentially want. If you self host Wordpress then you can customise it heavily and make it whatever you want it to be. I am currently working on creating a directory website. All I had to do was purchase a directory theme, install it on Wordpress and done. The fact that it has thousands and thousands of plugins and themes makes it perfect for anyone as well. I'm sure Webflow has its advantages as well but considering Wordpress is more popular, it is just easy to go ahead with it.

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    I've definitely heard about Webflow before and I think that we all already know the WordPress. Which is better? It really depends... they have many similarities but also some differences. Let me just list a few.

    - Webflow has a far more minimalistic UI than WordPress that might be easier to initially navigate,
    - Webflow focuses more on the look, WordPress more on functionality,
    - Webflow is easier to use and better for beginners but at the same time, it doesn't offer as much freedom and room for creativity as WordPress. WordPress is better for larger projects and especially excellent if you have any sort of coding skills because you can really customize it.
    - Webflow has fewer premium themes to choose from than WordPress,
    - e-commerce is far better set up on WordPress,
    - Webflow has no plugins while WordPress has thousands.

    Overall, both are fine but I really prefer WordPress because it's higher-quality and because of all the points I've listed

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    I currently use WordPress. However, I've heard a lot about webflow from friends and they have tried to convince me that webflow is better.

    Webflow has more templates to choose from.

    It's less complicated to set up SEO on webflow.

    Apparently, support is prompt and better on webflow than on wordpress.

    I don't see anything unique. It took me quite a while to familiarize myself with wordpress, so I'm not moving.

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    WordPress, because it is easy to use and you can edit it as you what you want it to be. and also wordpress is the most popular when it comes to making blogs. aside from that it is for free. and Ive got a great experience using this wordpress. but still I dont know if webflow works almost alike as wordpress. fyi, I didnt even try using web flow. so I can recommend you the wordpress for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
    Webflow is a responsive website cms and you can launch them with a click and they advertised themselves as 'better than Wordpress'. They seem really good, but I don't know what area they consider themselves better than WordPress.Does any used this cms please share your thoughts.
    I am sorry. I have just newly heard the word Webflow but I am eager to to learn about it. Somehow, I have an idea because I need to increase my income through online work by linking ads to my websites. I have already used Wordpress in the past. Maybe, at this time, I will try to use Webflow after I have knowledge on how to use it.

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    WordPress is still the best today and I could not find out any cms that better than it. Recently I built a blog and an ecommerce site and I still have to choose Wordpress because it supports wooecommerce plugin which is easy to use and edit theme and functions.

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