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Adchoices vs Adsense

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    Adchoices vs Adsense

    I just want to know what is the difference between these two terms Adsense and Adchoices? When I viewed a AdSense ads, I saw AdChoices, is it the new name of Adsense?

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    Yes same thing. Its just a different branding label. The ad choices provides a drop down menu when people see the ad and it allows them to "choose" ad preferences they have Its a way to self regulate ads from google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxMetrics View Post
    Yes same thing. Its just a different branding label. The ad choices provides a drop down menu when people see the ad and it allows them to "choose" ad preferences they have Its a way to self regulate ads from google.
    Actually it's not the same thing. I also thought it was a Google thing but it's not. Several ad platforms use it to help give people some kind of input on the ads they are shown. You can do a search for more information on it as well. It had me going.


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    Google AdSense is run by google and is used to all publishers to serve advertisement that are targeted to site content or media.

    Adchoices are used to make you see relevant ads. With adchoices, you will be able to see the information of interests being used in advertisement. You can place YourAdChoices Icon beside your ads and it will help you know when the information of interest is being collected and used in other advertisements.

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    The debate on this is endless. I also would not repeat anything Wikipedia says it's not an authoritative source of any news. To my understanding, they are the same thing.

    Adchoice is part of Adsense like a hand is part of your body. Adchioce is an option you press on the ad it's like settings on a phone or on your computer. I don't claim to be 100 percent correct, but this is my understanding. I may be wrong.

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    I believe these two terms are connected but not the same.

    AdChoice is a self-regulatory program practised by advertisers represented by a small triangle icon marked ad choices placed on their ads or webpages. Once you click the icon, it leads to a pop-up where you have the control over the ads that are being shown based on your line of interests. You may find the icon with AdChoice in Adwords and Adsense.

    Adsense is an advertising program set up by Google which allow you to make money whenever people click the ads displayed by Google on particular spaces provided in your website.

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    The way I understand it is that Google AdSense is direct raw advertising which lets you beneft if you own a blog/website/business by putting up adds that Google decides.

    Adchoice is regulated by other advertisers and has directly to do with controling WHICH TYPES OF ads you want to appear.
    I dunno if I made sense to you, but that's what I think they are.

    In the end they're both the same.

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