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Top selling affiliate products?

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    Top selling affiliate products?

    I have a blog with a decent traffic, around 1200 visitors daily and earning money from different ways as selling banner ads, guest blog posts, links...etc I am going to add affiliate products on review posts by choosing from top selling affiliate products. Is it a good way to earn extra money? and I should choose top rated/selling affiliate products? or choosing products which has less popular?

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    Absolutely, Affiliate Marketing is a nice way to boost your earnings online.

    If you focus on high ticket products, you make few sales and earn more. If you focus on little paying products, you make more sales to earn more, but sales will always be quick and early.

    The best way however is to promote products that are targeted to your niche. Go in for what you think will add value to your blog and help your readers. While the money is good, do not focus on it. Focus on giving value to your readers and you are going to make a nice income.

    I think your blog is busy enough to recommend products and generate commissions. To start with, I propose starting with products you use (maybe your theme, plugins, etc) if they have affiliate programs. That will help you know what your readers want.

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    I agree with Mr. Muki here, don't just slap on any links you find, wait till you come by or search out something that will provide a solution for your readers, thats relevant of course. Im assuming you started a blog about something you are interested in. Become an expert in your field and on any product you promote, even try it out if you have to. And as usual, make connections with other experts in your field, learn and interact with them.

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    I have known a few friends, they own websites with very high traffic, up to 300,000-400,000 per month and I see them have chosen popular products and the same theme with their website. . The effect is huge.
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    You should promote something that is relevant to your blog. What do you blog about? If you write about (ex) skateboards, you can promote some popular skateboards from amazon

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    Is it a niche blog or a general blog?

    Quote Originally Posted by harrygreen90 View Post
    Is it a good way to earn extra money? and I should choose top rated/selling affiliate products? or choosing products which has less popular?
    It is another way to earn money. If you do choose top converting products, be careful though. Some products/offers are saturated already and only works on very targeted traffic as it has already been promoted for years. In terms of less popular products, you need to have larger traffic to get sales from it.

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