My simple trick for first page Rankings in Google&Youtube in 24hrs and building recurring income!!!


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Mar 16, 2017
My simple trick for first page Rankings in Google&Youtube in 24hrs and building recurring income!!!

My simple trick for first page Rankings in Google&Youtube within 24hrs and building recurring income!!!

How I rank YouTube videos I didnt even have to create in minutes for multiple high value keywords that have businesses Foaming at the mouth and banging down the door to hire me before their competition can!?!

Dear fellow Webmaster members,

I have a few Questions for you...

Are you still Browsing the Marketplace buying every shiny new Wso in hope of Finally building an income online, only to get let down when you realise it dont get you the results you hoped for?...

Or How about still trying a bunch of different methods and eBooks stored on your hard-drive but still fail to see any real profit in your PayPal account, hell maybe you dont even have a penny to your name in there?...

Or maybe your just one of those people that like to keep their Ear to the Wind and always know what’s new and what works and can be applied to your online business to make even more money?

If you feel that any of the above apply to you then please keep reading because I have something very special for you today!

I’m not going to bother with a long Drawn out introduction as many of you probably know me already and may Have even purchased my Wso's before...And if that’s the case then you know that all of my products are battle tested straight to the point without any fluff or BS as I love to help my customers succeed online!

Which brings me to How I Found an insane way to build a full time recurring income from 5 minutes of work ranking simple videos I didnt even create on the first page of google...

Imagine Ranking videos you didnt even create on the first page of Youtube&Google for multiple high value keywords that you can then rent to local businesses for a recurring monthly fee!...

Or maybe you dont want to deal with local businesses at all?...

Well this can even work with affiliate products/your own products/lead gen/cpa/pay-per-lead/etc, and I explain how it can be done!!!

It all started a while ago...I heard something Being spoken about amongst A few high profile Marketers, A supposed effective way to rank any website on the first page of google within 24hrs?!?...

Now as soon as I heard this I thought "yea right another bogus ranking method"...But something was different about this!?!

And by that I mean, one evening I was browsing one of the seo forums I frequently go to and do some reading from time to time, and I noticed a thread started by a new member who only just joined and was making pretty bold claims saying he could rank for high value keywords in any niche within hours...Now I started laughing to myself thinking this guy was talking complete BS!...

But my laughter slowly stopped and my facial expression looking bewildered as this member started to update his thread throughout the day with live proof of his rankings on some of his test websites!?!...

Now I was impressed by this point as I knew he clearly wasnt bulls****ng!!!

Others watching the thread begun to comment in droves flooding the thread and I’m sure his inbox with questions, he seemed to be fine with it though and was answering many of them, so I thought what the hell and sent him a pm mentioning the ranking method I had heard little about only days before..."I didnt expect him to spill the beans on the method, who would". I was just hoping to connect the dots and see if it was related in any way...But there was nothing?!?

No reply, no more updates or posts from the new member on his thread? was strange why did he suddenly ghost when I mention about the ranking method???

It just made me more curious!...But I didnt have time to play Sherlock Holmes as I’m busy coaching clients and dealing with daily projects most of the time so I just thought I’d push it to the back of my mind and keep my ear to the wind for any news about this method but in the meantime focus on business as usual...

Now about a week or so later I got an invite to a webinar via email from a very high profile marketer I had bought a tool from a few weeks back for one of my be honest I rarely waste my time with webinars unless I know I’ll get some golden nuggets from it to use for my own business...

But I knew it would be worth checking in on this one as the topic was exactly what I had been hearing about, This Mystery Ranking method!...The email said they would show live proof in the webinar of them ranking first page in google within a few hours!?!

So the day of the webinar I locked in my seat grabbed the popcorn and started watching to see if the guy holding the webinar could really rank his website on the first page of google within hours!?!

Just minutes in I could see that it was the real deal and this guy was really able to rank his websites within hours as he started to show keyword after keyword that he had ranked only a few hours before he started the webinar!...

Again just like with the new guy on the forum I was really impressed as I immediately started thinking about all the ways I could monetize these rankings and more importantly how easy yet powerful the method was!...Needless to say he didnt show the full method in the webinar as he went on later to offer a special entry into his elite group with a very expensive price tag where he will show his members how to not only rank websites within hours but use them rankings to make Bank!

Now I obviously wasnt going to join, dont get me wrong it was well worth the price considering How much you can make back from using those rankings especially when you think outside the box But I already understood the concept and how powerful it was and I believed I could reverse engineer the process!...

So over the next few days i began brainstorming ways to make the method even simpler, I mean what if I could cut out the technical stuff like even needing a website???...What if this could be used with YouTube videos???

So I redesigned the Ranking Method taking the original concept but added a Twist!

I started cranking out videos and ranking them on Youtube&Google for multiple keywords in various niches and all within hours!!!

I was stunned not at the fact that I was able to not only rank for keywords in any niche but how easy and fast the whole process was, I mean damn I wasnt even creating my own videos or even creating a single backlink to rank them!

I was able to rent these rankings and video placements out to local businesses that were more than happy to pay me a set monthly fee rather than paying for expensive AdWords clicks!

I also used many of the video rankings to drive traffic to affiliate products and cpa/pay-per-lead programs!

Since then I’ve taught this method to a handful of my private coaching clients who needed more leads for their business's as well as a few friends that really dont have time to build websites or any technical stuff...But needless to say all those that have used this system have had amazing results and really helped their businesses for the better!...i even taught this to my 56 year old uncle to get more leads for his small paint&decorating business!

This system has nothing to do with...

: creating videos using complicated software.

: creating backlinks, pbn's, etc.

: Any long process with no guarantee of seeing rankings

: fake views, likes, etc.

: paid advertising

: Illegal/immoral practices

This is what this does involve!...

: Super simple Step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to rank your videos for multiple High value keywords within hours if not minutes.

: You dont need to create and upload any videos, so no need to use complicated video editing software.

: No investments needed other than this system so you can get started ranking videos right away.

: This can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have a internet connection.

: No skills or experience needed as anyone of any background and skill level can easily do this.

: Can make a consistent monthly income from your rankings in a variety of ways all explained inside.

: Totally white hat practices

Introducing the "Rank hunter system" A Simple Yet Powerful Method to rank YouTube videos you didnt even have to create in minutes for multiple high value keywords that Have businesses Foaming at the mouth and banging down the door to hire you before their competition can!?!

So here’s exactly what you get when you grab your copy of the "YouTube Rank Hunter System" Today!...

: High quality video Modules showing you exactly how to replicate the entire process to get almost instant Rankings in YouTube and google!

: My tested and high converting Custom fill-in-the-Blanks email swipe template to send to local businesses to make bank from your rankings!

: Rank Hunter Checklist to help you keep track of important steps along the way as you’re watching the video modules.

: Resource document with much needed and little known gems inside!

Plus so much more and as always I’m also throwing in some super cool Bonuses worth $275!!!

Stop sitting on the fence and being sceptical and watch me rank my videos almost instantly, grab your copy of the "YouTube Rank Hunter System" for the price of a pizza and beer by hitting the button below Now!

if you dont get any results within 7 days of using my system just send me an email and I’ll refund you 100% no problems so you have nothing to lose But I know it wont come to that because you will love this amazing video ranking system!!!


Q: Can I really make a consistent income from this?

A: of course if you follow what is taught and put in the effort then I dont see why not.

Q: Can I really get rankings in google and YouTube within minutes if not hours?

A: Yep! You will find out exactly how to rank in google and YouTube within minutes if not a few hours.

Q: how long does it take to setup and start ranking?

A: as little as 10-20 minutes depending how fast you work.

Q: are there any OTO's?

A: Yep! But they're completely optional to make things quicker and easier, you can still do this system just fine without any oto's.

Ps. this is an amazing opportunity to build a solid and consistent income using a dead simple system that takes minutes to setup and see results dont miss out on this!

Live updates on available review copies left can be found in the comment section Below this thread, review copies will only be given to trusted WS members with atleast 100+ posts!
Current Review Copies available - 5/5
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