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1000 Word High Quality Expert Articles on Anything, for Anything!

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    Red face 1000 Word High Quality Expert Articles on Anything, for Anything!

    Hello reader and thanks for checking out my High Quality Expert Article Writing service! I'm Mike and I'm an expert article writer! I can write on virtually any topic, niche or industry, 100% unique, well researched, expertly written articles! Just give me a niche or a few keywords and I will write an expert article on it for you.

    My Expert Writing Skills and Talents that You Need!
    You can see samples of my work and writing on SEOClerks as I post a lot to and are known for being knowledgeable and informative and for my influential writing skills and literate talents! For samples of my writing skills, check out My Discussions and My Responses to the SEOClerks FAQ and on Webmaster Sun! I post expert articles daily to the FAQ on all sorts of topics although I've not been as active on the WebmasterSun forums for a while I'll be about for this and mingling if anyone needs it.

    Why Hire Me to Write Your Article(s)?
    When you hire me to write for you, you can expect to receive;

    • A high quality service from a Level X3 seller.
    • Well researched and very well written articles.
    • Articles that are free from grammar, spelling mistakes.
    • Articles that are proof read before being delivered.
    • Articles that pass CopyScape and are SEO optimized.
    • Articles that are highly informative and use good LSI keywords.
    • Articles that are highly engaging and ever green.

    Simply put, all of my articles are;
    > 100% unique and copyscape passable.
    > 100% written by me only.
    > 100% grammatically correct.
    > 100% useful for all purposes.
    > 100% engaging!

    1000 Word Minimum Expert Written Article
    - This service is for 1 x 1000 word minimum article for $10.
    - All you have to do is order and tell me what to write about.
    - You can give me a title, theme, niche/industry or your keywords.
    - I will complete the article within 1-2 days time probably.
    - Unlimited free revisions if you want changes made.

    Types of Content Articles I Can Write
    I can write content articles for any purpose or reason such as;

    • Content articles for your main website or blog.
    • Content articles for you article marketing purposes.
    • Content articles for Web 2.0 blogs etc.
    • Content articles for eBooks/Flyers etc.
    • Content articles for How to Guides.
    • Content articles for YouTube videos etc.
    • Content Articles for Guest Posts.
    • Content articles for Newsletters.
    • Content articles for stories/novels etc.
    • Content articles for offline magazines.
    • Content articles for User/Product Reviews.
    • Content for Client Testimonials/Case Studies.
    • Content articles for virtually anything!

    The Anatomy of a Well Written Article
    When I'm writing an article, I like to think of it as a good three course meal. In a three course meal you first have your starter which would be the opening part of the article. Then you have the main course which is the meaty part of it along with the different vegetables you have which make up the sub-paragraphs etc. Then finally, you have the dessert, which would be the ending part, or the conclusion to the article. And just like any good three course meal, all these things need to come together and go well with each other to make it a meal to remember! That's just an analogy! But I think it's a good analogy to have when it comes to writing expert articles and is a formula I've used for my own and my clients success!

    And that's the pitch! The price is just $10.00.

    For a high quality expert article for whatever purpose you need it for.

    Just place your order now for 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    Have questions, queries or requests?
    Send me a message with any of your questions or queries or if you need to know if I can handle your project.
    I can do single articles at a time or work on bulk amounts regularly and consistently if you need that too.

    How to order?
    To Order: Message me for my PayPal ID.
    Or use my PayPal vanity URL: https://www.paypal.me/thanksmuch/10
    Then just send me your details to get started for you.

    Thanks for viewing my service and here's to your success!


    Customer Feedback Examples and Testimonies
    I recommend Mike, have used him in the past and is a great writer. A++ scottlobster.
    Hi Mike,
    As always, I wanted to thank you for the great job you are doing!
    You did it so fast!
    I'm very, very satisfied with these articles, no changes needed! Stojsa.
    Awesome service, the greatest dedication, and communication!
    This guy over delivers, trust me!
    Wow blown me away with that one thank you so much top bloke HIGHLY recommend to anyone wanting to improve there sites with only the best articles. Kev.

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    Will you write or someone is your friend will write?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawker View Post
    1000 Word Minimum Expert Written Article
    - This service is for 1 x 100 word minimum article for $5.
    Please correct this.
    "1 x 100 word" ?

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    Cheers for that! Thought I proof'd it but must've missed that bogey!

    And yes, I myself and Irene my friend.

    Thanks for inquiring and I look forward to hearing from you with an order.

    I prefer larger orders, 5+ but you can order individually one at a time.

    And I'll be doing discounted rates for bulk and repeat orders too.

    That's just business!



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    Please pm me, thanks

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