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Best Pay Per Click Advertising providers?

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    Lightbulb Best Pay Per Click Advertising providers?

    Hey guys, which are the top most pay per click advertising providers currently available? Does the pay depend upon the platforms used such as Android, Windows, Mac etc? I am not talking about the embedded ads in an app or program. Kindly share your findings. Thanks

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    Hi, your ads income won't depend on platform you or your visitor is currently using. My suggestion is to try Adsense or MGID. The last have good ads solutions both for desktop and mobile audience.

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    Google Adwords is a great PPC network to get started. However I will also suggest you to use Bing Ads. Bing ads works great for small businesses and help you to target your audience very well. PPC advertising works great for any website to get some good amount of visitors initially. It will help you to boost your sales also.

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    Why not try SEO instead? Though PPC offers fast results in placing your ad on top, it's quite expensive and once your credit maxes out, your ad is also out. Comparing to SEO,it's way cheaper because you just have to pay a fixed amount, the result is organic and it is not just about listing but having a good solid foundation for you site as well, though having the result is not as fast as PPC.

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    Definitely not worth it. It's just a waste of time. The amount of precious time you should consume in clicking and viewing those ads for a few seconds is not worth it. I tried this pay per click site known as bitcofarm. It's a site where you can click on ads view it for 10 seconds or so then they pay you in bitcoins. But before you can cash out your bitcoin, you are required to invest a certain amount for you to be able to withdraw. Also they have this optional game just like facebook's farmville back in the day. In this game you could use your bitcoin earnings to purchase a cow, a chicken just like a farm. These chickens lay eggs and cows have their milk which are also convertible to bitcoins. A good way to entice investors but the moment you cash out provided you accomplished their requisites you still can't cash out. True story, based on my personal experience that is why I don't recommend those pay per click money makers. Not worth it. Beware guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpellBound View Post
    Hey guys, which are the top most pay per click advertising providers currently available? Does the pay depend upon the platforms used such as Android, Windows, Mac etc? I am not talking about the embedded ads in an app or program. Kindly share your findings. Thanks

    I can only think of three available PPC ad service providers which have already built a name in the business.

    1. Google AdWords

    We cannot deny the fact that Google is the largest and most widely visited search engine. Having your ad on top of search results increase your website chance to be visited. This special visibility comes with a premium. Do not be surprised if costs per click is more expensive for Adwords compared to others.

    2. Facebook.
    Being the largest social networking site, Facebook allows you to promote your product and services with options to target specific profiles like age, location, interests. Costs per click or impression are typically much lower than Adwords and you get to choose your maximum budget per day.

    3. Bing Ads.
    As an alternative to non-Google users, BING Ads offer ad service for both BING and Yahoo! search engines. Cost per click can be 30-60% cheaper than Adwords. Typical users of these two engines are believed to be adults, 35 years upwards. Smaller companies with limited budget and catering to mature markets find more productive results thru BING advertising.

    Actual costs of using these platforms are not fixed and may vary depending on industry, market, etc. You may need to inquire directly to get the proper estimates specific to your target market.

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