Single-page or multi-page website?


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Jun 27, 2017
Web design trends are usually set by big businesses with clever ideas, courage and a lot of influence. Material design has arisen thanks to Google's support, sleek designs have been deployed by Spotify, Instagram and Apple, but all of this also had an influence on the very structure of websites. In fact, most businesses have started to build single-page websites.
They're fundamentally a great idea, since you can have all the info you need right at hand, ready to access. It also cuts down loading times a lot, and it generally makes websites more lightweight.
Obviously, though, it has its downsize: what you end up with is a huge page you have to scroll through, and this task can get tedious. Furthermore, you could end up being too minimalistic with your info, since text can't take up much space without making the page feel cluttered. It puts restrictions on how much stuff you can do.

What do you think about it? Is it a good practise or is it too limiting to allow for complete websites to fully express their potential? Or would you only suggest this kind of approach to specific websites (like businesses)?

Nancy G

Oct 1, 2017
Decision to go single-page or multi-page websites has no fixed answer. Two main factors are being considered here, content and marketing.

For companies offering few products or services using unique selling propositions and simple marketing activities, the single page website will be most ideal. Most visitors prefer this type due to ease of use.

For a website which hosts a variety of products or services, with varied contents and marketing techniques special to each category, multi-page website will be the option. Most large companies and e-commerce are using multi-pages for obvious reasons but they take special care in ensuring navigation and search for information will be easy for users. Another concern here is the cost involved in building and maintaining a multi-page website.
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