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How to use PPC for CPA?

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    How to use PPC for CPA?

    Hey marketers,
    I am studying CPA marketing, and i am really not looking forward at all doing SEO. I just want to use PPC for CPA but I don't know where to start. Have you guys used PPC for CPA? what is your experience? What kind of campaign do you use?
    Please feel free to share me your tips!

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    This works but you have to spend some time and money on testing offers. Also most cpa offers do not convert when you direct link them, only when using a lander. But Bing for e.g. has this rule that they allow the same link (destination) only once on their page so when more than one person is running them same offer you have to use a lander anyway. Sometimes a php redirect will also work. You need to track and test everything.
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