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Dec 22, 2015
One of the best ways to boost your rankings online andestablish yourself as an authority in your niche is to make use of high authority Google loved doc and slide sites. These high authority doc and slide sites are not only an excellent free platform for driving quality traffic to your site, they also make for very powerful contextual backlinks! Backlinks that have a long shelf life and mature in time to become even more powerful and drive even more traffic and increase your rankings even more!

Dominate Low-Medium Comp Keywords
Boost rankings for high comp keywords!

This type of SEO can be very powerful and have a positive effect on your rankings in the search engines from just one campaign. With this work you should be able to dominate low to medium competition keywords. As well as boost ranking positions for high competition keywords. Both short and long tail keywords with subsequent campaigns. Basically, the more times you use the service, the better it is for your site and rankings all round!!

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Through high quality articles on these doc and slide communities.

In this service we will post a high quality article with images and links to the biggest, most popular, most respected and Google loved authority sites. These sites have many millions of users combined and are crawled and indexed by Google fast! Documents and slides created on these sites are even ranked high by Google for your keywords without even doing any other SEO on them.

Drive Quality Real People Traffic Visitors
For years to come!

Because these will be high quality minimum 1000+ word documents and slides, on high authority doc and slide sites. They will just stay there forever and mature to not only rank higher but also go on to send you real direct human people traffic website visitors for years to come. They just sit there improving and improving.

No Big Website Doesn't Have These...
So you don't want to lose out on these!

No big and popular site today doesn't have backlinks from these sites. They are where people create currate content, documents, slides on things that theirs or your website is about. Whether it's things submitted like reviews, product descriptions, informational stuff etc. To just about anything else. And for good reason to! Since there sites have huge amounts of people visiting them every day. That's why most SEO companies and providers out there use them in their marketing and promotion campaigns.

Will This Be Worth Doing for You?

How much do you want to rank higher?

Look I don't want to talk too much about the benefits to this SEO service. I can't show you complex before and after ranking reports. I can't guarantee any ranking improvements or traffic. Since I don't know googles full algorithm let alone your niche and keywords until you order. Even then all I can't. But what we do know is that Google loves these sites since they have so much trust. And that Google loves natural, organic, contextual backlinks. And these sites can be influential for ranking purposes!

What We Do How it Works
In this service, we will create a 100% unique fresh high quality article which well then convert into a document (PDF/PPT). We will then submit this to the top 20 doc and slide sites. As well as some file sharing sites for extra ooomph! We will then collect all of the URLs to these and send you them in a full report.

What you actually get:

  • 1000 word article created from scratch.
  • Top 20 (minimum) doc/slide site submissions.
  • Free full report done and deliver in 1-3 days.
That's it! No need to ping and index these URLs as they are indexed very fast by Google!

Just place your order and we'll work our magic on it for you and deliver a full report.

Benefits of this service

  • - Creates High Quality, Contextual mix of dofollow/nofollow links.
  • - Only high authority sites used that have high CF/TF/PA/DA.
  • - Builds credibility and creates a bigger online Internet presence.
  • - Builds trust and authority to your site and improves rankings.
  • - Sends direct qualified real people traffic for years to come.
  • - Helps to establish yourself as an expert/authority in your niche.
  • - Improves your rankings for low to high competition keywords.
  • - Can be used multiple times over and over to for better ROI.
How many backlinks are created?
For the standard basic service at least 30 of them bearing in mind we may use up to 2 links/keywords per article.
Do you use unique freshly written content?
Absolutely, we will write and create a high quality article of at least 1000 words which we'll convert into a PDF/PPT document for you with several images.
What do you need to get started?
Just tell us your website or the URL and 1 or 2 keywords and we'll do the rest!
How long does it take to complete it all?
For the standard service at least a couple days or so. Depends if you order extras and how many but within the delivery time.
What are the websites we submit to?
We submit to the highest authority doc and slide sites. If you would like to know which sites specifically just send me a message and I'll send you a list of them.
Is there a guarantee?
We can't guarantee improved rankings and any traffic. For the reasons stated above. But we can guarantee to do all of the work for you, as advertised, within the time specified or we'll refund you if you really want.

Price for the service

Currently just $10


We can further improve the authority of your doc and slide site backlinks by doing extra SEO on them.

If you'd like us to do any of these extras for you add it to the price of the service.

  • Add 1000 Facebook shares to top 10 doc slide submissions $20
  • Add 1000 mixed social signals (likes, shares, pins/repins, tweets/tweets etc) to top 10 sites $25.
  • Add 100 high PR high authority bookmark submissions to top 10 sites $15.
  • Add 1000 High PR Web 2.0 profile backlinks to top 10 submissions $25

To order
Send payment via PayPal: [email protected].
Pay using my PayPal.me page: https://paypal.me/thanksmuch/10

Skype: Mike.mkcoy.
Whatsapp: Available on request

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